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  1. Photo of Andrew Adamson

    Andrew Adamson Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Erica Linz

    Erica Linz Cast

  3. Photo of Igor Zaripov

    Igor Zaripov Cast

  4. Photo of Lutz Halbhubner

    Lutz Halbhubner Cast

  5. Photo of John Clarke

    John Clarke Cast

  6. Photo of Dallas Barnett

    Dallas Barnett Cast

  7. Photo of Tanya Drewery

    Tanya Drewery Cast

  8. Photo of Sarah Houbolt

    Sarah Houbolt Cast

  9. Photo of Ascia Maybury

    Ascia Maybury Cast

  10. Photo of Damien Gordon

    Damien Gordon Cast

  11. Photo of Zach Brickland

    Zach Brickland Cast

  12. Photo of Iren Goed

    Iren Goed Cast

  13. Photo of Roufan Gan

    Roufan Gan Cast

  14. Photo of Pei Pei Lane

    Pei Pei Lane Cast

  15. Photo of Shaowei Xin

    Shaowei Xin Cast

  16. Photo of Stephen Cooper

    Stephen Cooper Cast

  17. Photo of Shi Mengkai

    Shi Mengkai Cast

  18. Photo of James Fletcher

    James Fletcher Cast

  19. Photo of Zheng Wenbo

    Zheng Wenbo Cast

  20. Photo of Mariska du Plessis

    Mariska du Plessis Cast

  21. Photo of Dan Hales

    Dan Hales Cast

  22. Photo of Graham Candy

    Graham Candy Cast

  23. Photo of Mike Baker

    Mike Baker Cast

  24. Photo of Matt Gillanders

    Matt Gillanders Cast

  25. Photo of Alan Thompson

    Alan Thompson Cast

  26. Photo of Brett Turnbull

    Brett Turnbull Cinematography

  27. Photo of Benoît Jutras

    Benoît Jutras Music

  28. Photo of Martin Bolduc

    Martin Bolduc Producer

  29. Photo of Aron Warner

    Aron Warner Producer

  30. Photo of James Cameron

    James Cameron Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Cary Granat

    Cary Granat Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Ed Jones

    Ed Jones Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Jacques Méthé

    Jacques Méthé Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Sim Evan-Jones

    Sim Evan-Jones Editing

  35. Photo of Dirk Westervelt

    Dirk Westervelt Editing

  36. Photo of Justin Webster

    Justin Webster Sound

  37. Photo of Jenny Rushton

    Jenny Rushton Costume Design