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  1. Photo of Rosa von Praunheim

    Rosa von Praunheim Director, Editing, Cast, Producer & 1 more
    Rosa von Praunheim Director, Editing, Cast, Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Angie Stardust

    Angie Stardust Cast

  3. Photo of Ian Wright

    Ian Wright Cast and Sound

  4. Photo of Judith Flex

    Judith Flex Cast

  5. Photo of Tara O'Hara

    Tara O'Hara Cast

  6. Photo of Lorraine Muthke

    Lorraine Muthke Cast

  7. Photo of Wolfgang Schumacher

    Wolfgang Schumacher Cast

  8. Photo of Helga Goetze

    Helga Goetze Cast

  9. Photo of Gary Miller

    Gary Miller Cast

  10. Photo of Joaquin La Habana

    Joaquin La Habana Cast

  11. Photo of Manfred Finger

    Manfred Finger Cast

  12. Photo of Gerhard Helle

    Gerhard Helle Cast

  13. Photo of Lotti Huber

    Lotti Huber Cast

  14. Photo of Rolf Holzhütter

    Rolf Holzhütter Cast

  15. Photo of Katja Kunik

    Katja Kunik Cast

  16. Photo of Burghard Mauer

    Burghard Mauer Cast

  17. Photo of Rainer-Götz Otto

    Rainer-Götz Otto Cast

  18. Photo of Tron von Hollywood

    Tron von Hollywood Cast

  19. Photo of Jayne County

    Jayne County Cast

  20. Photo of Stephan Köster

    Stephan Köster Cinematography

  21. Photo of Holger Münzer

    Holger Münzer Music

  22. Photo of Inge Stiborski

    Inge Stiborski Production Design

  23. Photo of Dietmar Schings

    Dietmar Schings Producer

  24. Photo of Renée Gundelach

    Renée Gundelach Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Marianne Enzensberger

    Marianne Enzensberger Sound

  26. Photo of Wolfgang Pilgrim

    Wolfgang Pilgrim Sound

  27. Photo of Mike Shephard

    Mike Shephard Sound