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  1. Photo of Alvin Rakoff

    Alvin Rakoff Director

  2. Photo of Jack Hill

    Jack Hill Screenplay

  3. Photo of David P. Lewis

    David P. Lewis Screenplay

  4. Photo of Céline La Frenière

    Céline La Frenière Screenplay

  5. Photo of Barry Newman

    Barry Newman Cast

  6. Photo of Susan Clark

    Susan Clark Cast

  7. Photo of Shelley Winters

    Shelley Winters Cast

  8. Photo of Leslie Nielsen

    Leslie Nielsen Cast

  9. Photo of James Franciscus

    James Franciscus Cast

  10. Photo of Ava Gardner

    Ava Gardner Cast

  11. Photo of Henry Fonda

    Henry Fonda Cast

  12. Photo of Jonathan Welsh

    Jonathan Welsh Cast

  13. Photo of Hilary Labow

    Hilary Labow Cast

  14. Photo of Richard Donat

    Richard Donat Cast

  15. Photo of Mavor Moore

    Mavor Moore Cast

  16. Photo of Donald Pilon

    Donald Pilon Cast

  17. Photo of Terry Haig

    Terry Haig Cast

  18. Photo of Cec Linder

    Cec Linder Cast

  19. Photo of René Verzier

    René Verzier Cinematography

  20. Photo of Matthew McCauley

    Matthew McCauley Music

  21. Photo of William McCauley

    William McCauley Music

  22. Photo of William McCrow

    William McCrow Production Design

  23. Photo of Claude Héroux

    Claude Héroux Producer

  24. Photo of Howard Lipson

    Howard Lipson Producer

  25. Photo of Larry Nesis

    Larry Nesis Producer

  26. Photo of Harold Greenberg

    Harold Greenberg Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Sandy Howard

    Sandy Howard Executive Producer