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  1. Photo of Ringo Lam

    Ringo Lam Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Karl Maka

    Karl Maka Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Sai Shing Sun

    Sai Shing Sun Screenplay

  4. Photo of Chow Yun-fat

    Chow Yun-fat Cast

  5. Photo of Danny Lee

    Danny Lee Cast

  6. Photo of Yueh Sun

    Yueh Sun Cast

  7. Photo of Carrie Ng

    Carrie Ng Cast

  8. Photo of Roy Cheung

    Roy Cheung Cast

  9. Photo of Chi Fai Chan

    Chi Fai Chan Cast

  10. Photo of Jessica Chau

    Jessica Chau Cast

  11. Photo of Maria Cordero

    Maria Cordero Cast

  12. Photo of Fang Yeh

    Fang Yeh Cast

  13. Photo of Victor Hon

    Victor Hon Cast

  14. Photo of Kong Lau

    Kong Lau Cast

  15. Photo of Elvis Tsui

    Elvis Tsui Cast

  16. Photo of Wong Kwong-Leung

    Wong Kwong-Leung Cast

  17. Photo of Parkman Wong

    Parkman Wong Cast

  18. Photo of Mengxia Zheng

    Mengxia Zheng Cast

  19. Photo of Wong Ming-lam

    Wong Ming-lam Editing

  20. Photo of Lok Chi-fung

    Lok Chi-fung Production Design

  21. Photo of Teddy Robin Kwan

    Teddy Robin Kwan Music

  22. Photo of Greg Morgenstein

    Greg Morgenstein Music

  23. Photo of Bruce Yu

    Bruce Yu Costume Design

  24. Photo of Andrew Lau Wai-keung

    Andrew Lau Wai-keung Cinematography