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  1. lidiishere's rating of the film CJ7

  2. VivianDarkbloom's rating of the film CJ7

    It's a sad, dark, also light, sweet tale. I'm so sensitive so I cried during watching this. But thank god for happy ending.

  3. teler_thriller's rating of the film CJ7

    Cute story about a kid and an alien creature. Well, it's kinda like E.T. in some ways. The first time I saw Stephen Chow do not act as the main character like in Kungfu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. But, still, his character plays an important role in here. I love how the movie makes me laughed with some comical remarks

  4. Maggie's rating of the film CJ7

    CJ7!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best movie ever lets be real

  5. pluviosity's rating of the film CJ7

    well, Stephen Chow is a great actor--and director. Yet then, too bad the plot is not actually an original one. Quite good CGI for CJ7, though.

  6. idon'tknow..'s rating of the film CJ7

    cj7 is sooo cute I wanna have one too T__T watched this on a whim when it was playing on tv, unexpectedly lovely film!

  7. aikeart's rating of the film CJ7

    Adorable, tierna, triste... evoca a Wall-E y a ET

  8. nothere's rating of the film CJ7

    Uh, definitely a lot darker than expected. Abusing the hell out of the little alien didn't really translate well as hilarious and certain deaths left me cold, even when everything that came before it was a pretty cute and fun film.

  9. rado's rating of the film CJ7

    the ultimate film about dreams.