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  1. Chichago_'s rating of the film Claire Dolan

    Her idea of finding happiness from motherhood, –not from the love of another man–, somehow reminds me of what I want in life. Men come and go, but the love that you give and get from your children will never fade away.

  2. saitosouta's rating of the film Claire Dolan

    I always think where the hell is that director who makes indescribably crazy "Clean, Shaven," so I surprised that he'll direct "The Girlfriend Experience" in TV & his sophomore feature I watch first time is like "The Girlfriend" ! But this is more desolate, sick & heartcringing tale about solitude of call girl named "city." with nothingness in American New Wave's art (especially "Chinatown") and ending is terrifying.

  3. Earth's Impossible Day's rating of the film Claire Dolan

    No comments on this? I really liked it and I can see the massive influence it had on later films like The Girlfriend Experience and Shame. Also Katrin Cartlidge was a great actress and died way too young.

  4. vordven's rating of the film Claire Dolan