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  1. Photo of Pasquale Squitieri

    Pasquale Squitieri Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Arrigo Petacco

    Arrigo Petacco Screenplay

  3. Photo of Claudia Cardinale

    Claudia Cardinale Cast

  4. Photo of Giuliano Gemma

    Giuliano Gemma Cast

  5. Photo of Caterina Boratto

    Caterina Boratto Cast

  6. Photo of Fernando Briamo

    Fernando Briamo Cast

  7. Photo of Nancy Brilli

    Nancy Brilli Cast

  8. Photo of Raffaele Curi

    Raffaele Curi Cast

  9. Photo of Angela Goodwin

    Angela Goodwin Cast

  10. Photo of Mario Granato

    Mario Granato Cast

  11. Photo of Giacomo Pezzali

    Giacomo Pezzali Producer

  12. Photo of Tony Amendola

    Tony Amendola Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Giancarlo Marchetti

    Giancarlo Marchetti Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Gerard Schurmann

    Gerard Schurmann Music

  15. Photo of Eugenio Bentivoglio

    Eugenio Bentivoglio Cinematography

  16. Photo of Mauro Bonanni

    Mauro Bonanni Editing

  17. Photo of Philippe Lemaire

    Philippe Lemaire Cast

  18. Photo of María Mercader

    María Mercader Cast

  19. Photo of Lorenzo Piani

    Lorenzo Piani Cast

  20. Photo of Catherine Spaak

    Catherine Spaak Cast