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  1. Inês Moreira Santos's rating of the film Clash

  2. Tiago Gonçalves's rating of the film Clash

    The mood ranges from buddy comedy to nerve-wracking tension, all confined to a police van. Through the gridded windows, Mohamed Diab shows us a country on the verge of collapse. A crafty study on the impact of social segregation.

  3. Babak Geranfar's rating of the film Clash

    Wow! I was just caught off-guard! What a piece of brilliant filmmaking. Mohammad Diab is definitely one to watch!

  4. José Neves's rating of the film Clash

    Digital. If it wasn't the theme this film wouldn't premiered, since being Egyptian it belongs to a far away galaxy. And it's exactly the theme that suggests the brilliant device that, hélàs, is not well applied. It quickly falls into a blur of reading through the profusion of rapid movements "in our face," making realism for the youtube generation, which in itself would not be negative if they knew how to do it.

  5. HAD!L's rating of the film Clash

  6. Mihai Cristea's rating of the film Clash

  7. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Clash

    Dans ce huis clos étouffant, Mohamed Diab séquestre la société égyptienne pour mieux exposer sa profonde division et l'échec d'une révolution gâchée. Chronique complète à lire sur Citazine

  8. Yasser Azmy's rating of the film Clash

    3,5 .. Really nice film and unexpected to be very entertaining to watch, to even enjoying the extra actors, the idea executed very well.

  9. Lewis Taylor's rating of the film Clash

    The film is good. It's a compelling, well-executed examination a country racked by civil war. Not an easy thing to get your head around and I think Diab made a fine attempt to unpack the conflict on a human level. The frenetic register and daunting subject matter make it a gruelling watch.