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  1. Photo of Lloyd Kaufman

    Lloyd Kaufman Director, Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michael Herz

    Michael Herz Director, Producer

  3. Photo of Richard W. Haines

    Richard W. Haines Screenplay, Director, Editing

  4. Photo of Mark Rudnitsky

    Mark Rudnitsky Screenplay

  5. Photo of Stuart Strutin

    Stuart Strutin Screenplay

  6. Photo of Janelle Brady

    Janelle Brady Cast

  7. Photo of Gil Brenton

    Gil Brenton Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Prichard

    Robert Prichard Cast

  9. Photo of Pat Ryan

    Pat Ryan Cast

  10. Photo of James Nugent Vernon

    James Nugent Vernon Cast

  11. Photo of James Treadwell

    James Treadwell Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Ethan Hurt

    Ethan Hurt Music

  13. Photo of Michael Lattanzi

    Michael Lattanzi Music

  14. Photo of Michael Mayers

    Michael Mayers Cinematography

  15. Photo of Jennifer Prichard

    Jennifer Prichard Cast