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  1. Photo of Édouard Molinaro

    Édouard Molinaro Director

  2. Photo of Benoîte Groult

    Benoîte Groult Screenplay

  3. Photo of Danièle Thompson

    Danièle Thompson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Colette

    Colette Story

  5. Photo of Marie-Hélène Breillat

    Marie-Hélène Breillat Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Desailly

    Jean Desailly Cast

  7. Photo of Muriel Catalá

    Muriel Catalá Cast

  8. Photo of Catherine Samie

    Catherine Samie Cast

  9. Photo of Dominique Basquin

    Dominique Basquin Cast

  10. Photo of Anita Pasquier

    Anita Pasquier Cast

  11. Photo of Evelyne Broussole

    Evelyne Broussole Cast

  12. Photo of Françoise Dupré

    Françoise Dupré Cast

  13. Photo of Maryse Martin

    Maryse Martin Cast

  14. Photo of Henri-Jacques Huet

    Henri-Jacques Huet Cast

  15. Photo of Annick Roux

    Annick Roux Cast

  16. Photo of Brigitte Bellac

    Brigitte Bellac Cast

  17. Photo of Bernard Pinet

    Bernard Pinet Cast

  18. Photo of Lucienne Legrand

    Lucienne Legrand Cast

  19. Photo of Henri Attal

    Henri Attal Cast

  20. Photo of Anita Boulier

    Anita Boulier Cast

  21. Photo of Corinne Montout

    Corinne Montout Cast

  22. Photo of Yvon Sarray

    Yvon Sarray Cast

  23. Photo of Claude Bolling

    Claude Bolling Music