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  1. Photo of Felipe Bragança

    Felipe Bragança Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Jennifer Melo

    Jennifer Melo Cast

  3. Photo of Márcio Vito

    Márcio Vito Cast

  4. Photo of Junior Moura

    Junior Moura Cast

  5. Photo of Remo Trajano

    Remo Trajano Cast

  6. Photo of Eduardo Speroni

    Eduardo Speroni Cast

  7. Photo of André de Souza

    André de Souza Cast

  8. Photo of Marina D'Elia

    Marina D'Elia Cast

  9. Photo of Sandro Matos

    Sandro Matos Cast

  10. Photo of Begê Muniz

    Begê Muniz Cast

  11. Photo of Carolina Lavigne

    Carolina Lavigne Cast

  12. Photo of Isabella Flach

    Isabella Flach Cast

  13. Photo of Sil Esteves

    Sil Esteves Cast

  14. Photo of Andrea Capella

    Andrea Capella Cinematography

  15. Photo of Flora Dias

    Flora Dias Cinematography

  16. Photo of Vânia Catani

    Vânia Catani Producer

  17. Photo of Marina Meliande

    Marina Meliande Editing and Producer