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  1. Photo of Humberto Mauro

    Humberto Mauro Director, Cast, Cinematography Screenplay

  2. Photo of Carmen Santos

    Carmen Santos Cast and Producer

  3. Photo of Celso Guimarães

    Celso Guimarães Cast

  4. Photo of Lídia Mattos

    Lídia Mattos Cast

  5. Photo of Floriano Faissal

    Floriano Faissal Cast

  6. Photo of Saint Clair Lopes

    Saint Clair Lopes Cast

  7. Photo of Bandeira Duarte

    Bandeira Duarte Cast

  8. Photo of Mauro de Oliveira

    Mauro de Oliveira Cast

  9. Photo of J. Silveira

    J. Silveira Cast

  10. Photo of Pérola Negra

    Pérola Negra Cast

  11. Photo of Roberto Rocha

    Roberto Rocha Cast

  12. Photo of Anita Otero

    Anita Otero Cast

  13. Photo of Chaby Pinheiro

    Chaby Pinheiro Cast

  14. Photo of Geny França

    Geny França Cast

  15. Photo of Bandeira de Mello

    Bandeira de Mello Cast

  16. Photo of Eduardo Viana

    Eduardo Viana Cast

  17. Photo of Edgar Roquette-Pinto

    Edgar Roquette-Pinto Cast and Music

  18. Photo of Manoel Ribeiro

    Manoel Ribeiro Cinematography

  19. Photo of Radamés Gnatalli

    Radamés Gnatalli Music

  20. Photo of Heckel Tavares

    Heckel Tavares Music

  21. Photo of Watson Macedo

    Watson Macedo Production Design and Editing

  22. Photo of Hippólito Collomb

    Hippólito Collomb Editing

  23. Photo of Iracy Cortes

    Iracy Cortes Sound