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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Douglas Reese's rating of the film Cleaners

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  2. EvelynNoche's rating of the film Cleaners

    Accurate in banality and tragic as a love story. Addiction as mind games and romance as mind games.

  3. Ryan Jamison's rating of the film Cleaners

    Using his technical limitations to his best advantage, Reese creates a very uncomfortable and almost claustrophobic aura around the central leads (both very well-performed), the futures of whom are certainly doomed yet their delinquency upholds our intrigue as they slowly dwindle into madness.

  4. M. Haberfelner's rating of the film Cleaners

    An enjoyable weird no budget film that takes a very unique way to tell its story, at first showing its protagonists engaged in the most monotonour of actions. But while that sounds more than boring, on film it creates a world all of its own, an atmosphere-rich enviromment.