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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Cleopatra

    Une réalisation fastueuse et grandiloquente (la scène de séduction de Marc-Antoine est un moment d'anthologie) dans le plus pur style de son auteur. Si Warren William n'est guère convaincant en César, Claudette Colbert compose une souveraine égyptienne fascinante, à mi-chemin entre déesse et grisette. Son interprétation à elle seule vaut le détour. Kitsch à souhait...

  2. João R's rating of the film Cleopatra

    A true banquet for the eyes served under an audacious tone and setting.

  3. bartkl's rating of the film Cleopatra

    An apt portrayal of who was perhaps history's earliest femme fatale. DeMille's typical grand style makes you gaze with amazement at this epos. Dancers, beatings, romance, all of which seems cheap, but there's more underneath the surface to contemplate about: is this power craving seductress evil? What can be said of this love she feels for Antony? Don't let the deceptively cheap style of the film cloud your judgment.

  4. Catarina C Gomes's rating of the film Cleopatra

  5. Justin Senkbile's rating of the film Cleopatra

    Check out that nonsensical faux-Eisenstein battle sequence

  6. AKFilmFan's rating of the film Cleopatra

    A glamorous distraction for Depression-era audiences, this stylish DeMille film is a talkative drama with passable performances that add to the grand emotions that would've wooed audiences in the 30's.

  7. Charles Coleman's rating of the film Cleopatra

    Up until the dour end I thought this film was a fun sex comedy epic with lots of violence, dancing, and all kinds of wonderful excess. The dialogue is wonderful and Colbert is great as Cleopatra. I enjoyed William as Caesar and despite being hammy in places Wilcoxon was a nice Antony. A real tawdry piece of work but definitely worth checking out.