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  1. Photo of Carol Reed

    Carol Reed Director

  2. Photo of Marion Dix

    Marion Dix Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sonnie Hale

    Sonnie Hale Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lesser Samuels

    Lesser Samuels Screenplay

  5. Photo of Michael Balcon

    Michael Balcon Producer

  6. Photo of Mutz Greenbaum

    Mutz Greenbaum Cinematography

  7. Photo of Al Barnes

    Al Barnes Editing

  8. Photo of Michael Gordon

    Michael Gordon Editing

  9. Photo of Alfred Junge

    Alfred Junge Production Design

  10. Photo of Walter W. Murton

    Walter W. Murton Production Design

  11. Photo of Sash Fisher

    Sash Fisher Sound

  12. Photo of Jessie Matthews

    Jessie Matthews Cast

  13. Photo of Michael Redgrave

    Michael Redgrave Cast

  14. Photo of Noel Madison

    Noel Madison Cast

  15. Photo of Alastair Sim

    Alastair Sim Cast

  16. Photo of Margaret Vyner

    Margaret Vyner Cast

  17. Photo of Mary Clare

    Mary Clare Cast

  18. Photo of Francis L. Sullivan

    Francis L. Sullivan Cast

  19. Photo of Enid Stamp-Taylor

    Enid Stamp-Taylor Cast

  20. Photo of Torin Thatcher

    Torin Thatcher Cast

  21. Photo of Tucker McGuire

    Tucker McGuire Cast

  22. Photo of Basil Radford

    Basil Radford Cast

  23. Photo of Athole Stewart

    Athole Stewart Cast