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  1. Photo of Naoko Ogigami

    Naoko Ogigami Director

  2. Photo of Naoko Ogigami

    Naoko Ogigami Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tôma Ikuta

    Tôma Ikuta Cast

  4. Photo of Rinka Kakihara

    Rinka Kakihara Cast

  5. Photo of Kenta Kiritani

    Kenta Kiritani Cast

  6. Photo of Kôzô Shibasaki

    Kôzô Shibasaki Cinematography

  7. Photo of Shinichi Fujima

    Shinichi Fujima Editing

  8. Photo of Naoko Eto

    Naoko Eto Music

  9. Photo of Tetsuo Segawa

    Tetsuo Segawa Sound

  10. Photo of Mayumi Tomita

    Mayumi Tomita Production Design

  11. Photo of Kinue Horikoshi

    Kinue Horikoshi Costume Design

  12. Photo of Takashi Iguchi

    Takashi Iguchi Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Satoshi Hayakawa

    Satoshi Hayakawa Executive Producer