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  1. Photo of Vardit Bilu

    Vardit Bilu Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dalia Hager

    Dalia Hager Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Marek Rozenbaum

    Marek Rozenbaum Producer

  4. Photo of Itai Tamir

    Itai Tamir Producer

  5. Photo of Jonathan Bar-Giora

    Jonathan Bar-Giora Music

  6. Photo of Yaron Scharf

    Yaron Scharf Cinematography

  7. Photo of Joel Alexis

    Joel Alexis Editing

  8. Photo of Avi Fahima

    Avi Fahima Production Design

  9. Photo of Itai Elohev

    Itai Elohev Sound

  10. Photo of Smadar Sayar

    Smadar Sayar Cast

  11. Photo of Naama Schendar

    Naama Schendar Cast

  12. Photo of Katia Zinbris

    Katia Zinbris Cast

  13. Photo of Ami Weinberg

    Ami Weinberg Cast

  14. Photo of Irit Suki

    Irit Suki Cast

  15. Photo of Ilanit Ben-Yaakov

    Ilanit Ben-Yaakov Cast

  16. Photo of Sharon Raginiano

    Sharon Raginiano Cast

  17. Photo of Lana Ettinger

    Lana Ettinger Cast

  18. Photo of Shlomo Vishinsky

    Shlomo Vishinsky Cast

  19. Photo of Tsofit Shpan

    Tsofit Shpan Cast

  20. Photo of Anna Stephan

    Anna Stephan Cast

  21. Photo of Shiran Fresco

    Shiran Fresco Cast

  22. Photo of Lee Michael

    Lee Michael Cast