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  1. Photo of Nae Caranfil

    Nae Caranfil Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ugo Tucci

    Ugo Tucci Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Renata Ranieri

    Renata Ranieri Producer

  4. Photo of Michael Fitzgerald

    Michael Fitzgerald Producer

  5. Photo of Bobby Păunescu

    Bobby Păunescu Producer

  6. Photo of Alessandro Leone

    Alessandro Leone Producer

  7. Photo of Denis Friedman

    Denis Friedman Producer

  8. Photo of Vera Farmiga

    Vera Farmiga Cast

  9. Photo of Mark Strong

    Mark Strong Cast

  10. Photo of Harry Lloyd

    Harry Lloyd Cast

  11. Photo of Anton Lesser

    Anton Lesser Cast

  12. Photo of Christian McKay

    Christian McKay Cast

  13. Photo of Joe Armstrong

    Joe Armstrong Cast

  14. Photo of Martin Hancock

    Martin Hancock Cast

  15. Photo of Monica Bârlădeanu

    Monica Bârlădeanu Cast

  16. Photo of Allan Corduner

    Allan Corduner Cast

  17. Photo of Tim Plester

    Tim Plester Cast

  18. Photo of John Henshaw

    John Henshaw Cast

  19. Photo of Alin Olteanu

    Alin Olteanu Cast

  20. Photo of Gwyneth Keyworth

    Gwyneth Keyworth Cast

  21. Photo of Martin McDougall

    Martin McDougall Cast

  22. Photo of Andrew Buckley

    Andrew Buckley Cast

  23. Photo of Stuart McQuarrie

    Stuart McQuarrie Cast

  24. Photo of Ed Gaughan

    Ed Gaughan Cast

  25. Photo of Paul Jesson

    Paul Jesson Cast

  26. Photo of Marcin Walewski

    Marcin Walewski Cast

  27. Photo of Larry Madaras

    Larry Madaras Editing

  28. Photo of Roberto Silvi

    Roberto Silvi Editing

  29. Photo of Cătălin Cristuțiu

    Cătălin Cristuțiu Editing

  30. Photo of Cristian Niculescu

    Cristian Niculescu Production Design

  31. Photo of Laurent Couson

    Laurent Couson Music

  32. Photo of Doina Levintza

    Doina Levintza Costume Design