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  1. MvM.'s rating of the film Closer

  2. Hogan Schia's rating of the film Closer

  3. Ramzi's rating of the film Closer

    Good overall, Owen's performance stealing the show. There were a couple of times where I wondered how much I could enjoy watching the four biggest narcissists on the planet, but the film keeps it entertaining enough. The chatroom scene is top drawer.

  4. Robert H's rating of the film Closer

    From a glance I thought this was an B-movie with Natalie Portman and Sean Astin, so my expectations were off! What I got was a heated, over-complicated, soap-opera with supurb characterisation and great acting - Clive Owen as a manipulative brutally honest Doctor was intense and fun to watch. Great storytelling, but by the end I had no sympathy for either love triangles and the issues of trust were getting boring.

  5. AALC's rating of the film Closer

  6. JL's rating of the film Closer

    The grimy infidelity of this doesn't rub off easily. As Anna says, the depiction of love, list and life is accurate.

  7. theminiwitch's rating of the film Closer

    Thought-provoking exploration of romantic cowardice and dishonesty. Shame that the male gaze and perspective dominate the film so much. It starts as an interesting exploration of deceit and temptation, but ends up as a pseudo-virile competition where women are objects of male desire, revenge, and even violence. Or is it a particularly dark view on men in love?

  8. jaelaah's rating of the film Closer

    Blown away by how strikingly real and brutally honest this entre film is. God, Natalie Portman is fantastic here - as is Jude Law - what fascinating, intriguing depth of character Nichols manages to bring out. Love and the human quest for love in all of its beauty and horror. Unparalleled.

  9. mark's rating of the film Closer

    Great performances but it starts to descend into predictability about half way

  10. Ganoderma's rating of the film Closer

    Firstly - a very restrained piece of American film-making about my home city! Thank you for avoiding obvious establishing shots, cockneys etc! Secondly - a ripping screenplay. However the direction falters during the more stagy moments within it. This unfairly and avoidably leads to the actors appearing to wobble during their long dialogue set pieces (not Law, who has truly mastered the punchable love-rat archetype)

  11. Carl Penguin's rating of the film Closer

  12. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Closer

    The execution is rather basic, nothing too flashy here, and everything is really carried through by the words and performances but that's just fine. It may feel a little bit stagy at times but material this good doesn't need to be dressed in shiny togs and bling trimmings. It's a quality movie and should be enjoyed by those who don't need an entire bag of cinematic tricks to flesh out a wordy, worthy script.

  13. Zach Closs's rating of the film Closer

    "You ever seen a human heart?! It looks like a fist wrapped in blood!" Critics hemmed and hawed over the translation from stage to screen, but performances this brave and devastating are merit enough, I think. The exacting cruelty (and honesty) of Marber's dialogue is also without peer, across mediums.

  14. Dalibor's rating of the film Closer

    Story right out of Woody Allen's sketchbook, followed by a mediocre script avoiding as much characterizations as possible to seem more in depth. As Jude Law takes a sudden and inexplicable turn from perverse manipulator to crying pansy, Portman acts as insecure as her character, and Roberts not being paid enough for more than casual one-liners, Clive Owen is the only engaging, Freudian character, to be related with.

  15. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Closer

    a good-looking cast who peppers us with smart observant dialogue and thoughts. The sex chat sequence is a stand-out funny moment. I have no problem seeing Natalie Portman in underwear, but she is a little miscast as a street stripper, especially fun is the scene where she do a personal lap dance for Clive Owen without ever taking off a single shred of clothing - now that is classy but not very believable.

  16. Rodrigo Morais's rating of the film Closer

  17. ......'s rating of the film Closer

    To this day, Closer remains one of my all time favorite films. The way it portrays love, sex, lust, betrayal, insecurity, essentially everything that makes the world go round, is wonderfully rooted in reality. Love can be simple and absolutely magical but also complex and excruciatingly painful. Masterful direction, unforgettable dialogue, great performances and a mesmerizing song by Damien Rice.

  18. spasmolytic's rating of the film Closer

    Chick flicks are like the country music of cinema

  19. Paul Relf's rating of the film Closer

    Frustrating film as a whole but great performances.

  20. limited-space's rating of the film Closer

  21. DenoResandono's rating of the film Closer

    CLOSER is one of the unusual romance movie I've ever seen. I'm not sure whether it's a romance. I guess a "love story" would be proper. I think CLOSER try to explain that love's a very complicated thing and what's the definition of love itself. All four main actors/actresses did an amazing job. But Natalie Portman's character succeed to steal my attention. Her characterization is really complex. Good job Mr. Nichols!

  22. bouvardila's rating of the film Closer

    "No one will ever love you as much as I do. Why isn't love enough?" - Alice Ayres

  23. Madeleine Davis's rating of the film Closer

    parts were beautiful parts were dumb it's a star-studded ensemble cast what did you expect

  24. Bárbara Rossi's rating of the film Closer

    The average human being must watch it at least five times. Some of the best dialogues ever are in this movie. So good!

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