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  1. David Willi's rating of the film Cloud 9

    I only watched half an hour, because it was too boring.

  2. AVA's rating of the film Cloud 9

    Mutige ,ungeschönte,dadurch glaubhafte Darstellung des Konflikts einer Frau zwischen zwei Männern,,Eine grandiose Ursula Werner mit zwei Darstellern an ihrer Seite,die ihr schauspielerisches Handwerk ebenso verstehen.Hut ab!

  3. Bandeira's rating of the film Cloud 9

  4. Soizic Izzi's rating of the film Cloud 9

    Moi j'ai pleuré à la fin...

  5. Agnieska F's rating of the film Cloud 9

    Le bruit sourd et omniprésent du train qui passe, conduit par on ne sait qui, vers on ne sait où. Comme le voyageur contemplant le paysage qui défile, ce film dit de la vie qu'il est beau d'en jouir...mais notre marge de manoeuvre reste bien étroite, ce qui doit advenir advient et le train passe, parfois avec fracas.

  6. ikkini's rating of the film Cloud 9

    Avoir comme seul propos que la passion peut exister à tout âge ne suffit pas à faire un film. C'est plein de bons sentiments, mais on s'ennuie.

  7. azoulay's rating of the film Cloud 9

    les 25 premières minutes sont extraordinaires les corps parlent et c'est impressionnant et puis après l'aveu le film devient plus ordinnaire amour plouf plouf d'un coté et scène de ménage à répétition avec un fin tragique très prévisible. Vraiment dommage le style façon Peter Handke et le sujet méritait une plus beau cheminement. Il pouvait être le contraire d'"Amour" d' Haneke, c'est à dire un film d'espoir.

  8. 1ariane1's rating of the film Cloud 9

    Je n'ai pas aimé le drame incorporé au scénario, je l'ai trouvé inutile. Car le tragique de la vie n'est pas tant dans la violence passionnelle, mais dans la finitude du temps qui passe, l'impuissance de la mémoire, la décripitude des corps... Et le désir qui crépite encore, l'arme ultime de la vie, qui se débat et voudrait durer. Ça, et le mensonge.

  9. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Cloud 9

    The framing, lighting & editing of an amateur porn "Grandpa fucks the old maid." Completely sinister. A really good film about old age ? Watch "All Together" by Stéphane Robelin, 2012. Le cadrage, l'éclairage & le montage d'un X amateur "Grandpa baise la vieille d'à côté". Ou "Le HLM des vieux nudistes". Complètement sinistre. Un vrai bon film sur la vieillesse : "Et si on vivait tous ensemble?", Stéphane Robelin.

  10. Cherrelle H's rating of the film Cloud 9

    I have to admit, i was put off by the early scenes. I took a couple of days break and came back to it. Having watched it in full, I'm truly moved by the story of love and loss then love and loss again. It's told in such a way you follow Inge through the rollercoaster i think we can probably all relate to in some way. I'm left thinking about what i long for. I'd recommend (except during meal times). Beautiful film.

  11. Superfrog's rating of the film Cloud 9

    The film leverages the social denial of sexual experiences by older people to help focus on the experiences of a realistic love affair but also to show the invariability of patterns for such events at different stages of life. I would have preferred all in presence to enter a happy truple, but it probably would not have been much of a film.

  12. Saule Mickeviciute's rating of the film Cloud 9

    The ending is too predictable and too sad, the whole movie seemed a bit predictable to me. The storyline is quite common and in my opinion quite simple however emotions of the main characters were very well communicated, perhaps because of great acting... I would give it a higher rating than 3* if it didn't have somewhat cliche ending.

  13. SiIencio's rating of the film Cloud 9

    On the surface a story of love in the golden years, deep down a much richer & complex meditation. Dresden is not caught by the cheap shock of portraying graphic sex in later life but extends his fine wit onto a provocative take on adultery with hints of escapism that feels honest if somehow unresolved. The resolution could be seen as either manipulative or a genius move to balance this dangerous concoction.

  14. raggiodisole's rating of the film Cloud 9

    Age shall not wither us. Tenderly-told story of the outcomes of one of the worlds oldest stories when passion flowers late in life

  15. st aga's rating of the film Cloud 9

    I'd add an extra half if I could! This film boils down "intimacy" in the finest way possible. By the third steamy OAP scene I thought it would get repetitive and they should've stuck to the "rule of three" and just focus on the plot. But they manage it brilliantly, and it's a beautiful piece on passing and love that comes too late, though in fairness the ultimate outcome is pretty foreshadowed/predictable. Realism!

  16. Mirkle's rating of the film Cloud 9

    Found the ending rather abrupt, but adored the scene where the leads recall their first meeting. Filmed in close up, I suddenly saw the beauty they see in eachother. Briliant. Also loved the inversion of mother and daughter roles and mores. As a study of love in old age, this is a little treasure.

  17. klofter's rating of the film Cloud 9

    Once Dresen gets the shock value of showing us naked older bodies out of the way he tells a delicate and emotional story that asks a whole bunch of vital questions cinema (especially American) mostly avoids. Even though I have quite a few years to go before I would be in a situation like this, I found deeply affecting and moving. An important, brutally honest work.

  18. KatDeg's rating of the film Cloud 9

    unbelievably sad... authentic dialogues, reactions and incredible, as well as likeable actors all through.

  19. Giada Pesce's rating of the film Cloud 9

    Emotionally involving from the first to the last minute. Each character is beautifully constructed and it's impossible not to feel empathy for each one of them. Each little gesture is full with reality and feeling. This is a beautiful insight on what we often forget to be. This film is truly beautiful.

  20. achristoteles's rating of the film Cloud 9

  21. Vi's rating of the film Cloud 9

    Mir hat der Film gut gefallen. Sie sieht aus wie die Schwester von McJagger und er wie ein italienischer Industrieller :)

  22. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Cloud 9

    An important and courageous movie, very well played. But there is also a subtle artifical overall structure, emphasised by the sequences showing the women's choir and commenting the "real life events" through the lyrics of the songs.

  23. rossano's rating of the film Cloud 9

    prachtig film, gevoelig maar nooit tuttig, heftig maar niet voyeuristisch.

  24. HAD!L's rating of the film Cloud 9

    i have a thing against films that r too realistic, not just in concept & idea but in execution as well, where's the charm?!!

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