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  1. Photo of Andrzej Konic

    Andrzej Konic Director

  2. Photo of Antoni Gruzinski

    Antoni Gruzinski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Antoni Wójtowicz

    Antoni Wójtowicz Cinematography

  4. Photo of Mariusz Dmochowski

    Mariusz Dmochowski Cast

  5. Photo of Edmund Fetting

    Edmund Fetting Cast

  6. Photo of Marian Glinka

    Marian Glinka Cast

  7. Photo of Zygmunt Kęstowicz

    Zygmunt Kęstowicz Cast

  8. Photo of Irena Kownas

    Irena Kownas Cast

  9. Photo of Stanislaw Niwinski

    Stanislaw Niwinski Cast

  10. Photo of Leonard Pietraszak

    Leonard Pietraszak Cast

  11. Photo of Waldemar Kazanecki

    Waldemar Kazanecki Music

  12. Photo of Ryszard Pietruski

    Ryszard Pietruski Cast and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Anna Seniuk

    Anna Seniuk Cast

  14. Photo of Elzbieta Starostecka

    Elzbieta Starostecka Cast

  15. Photo of Karol Strasburger

    Karol Strasburger Cast

  16. Photo of Janusz Zakrzenski

    Janusz Zakrzenski Cast

  17. Photo of Izabella Dziarska

    Izabella Dziarska Cast

  18. Photo of Jerzy Turek

    Jerzy Turek Cast