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  1. Photo of Steven M. Krauzer

    Steven M. Krauzer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Héctor Olivera

    Héctor Olivera Story and Director

  3. Photo of David Viñas

    David Viñas Story

  4. Photo of John Schneider

    John Schneider Cast

  5. Photo of Kathryn Witt

    Kathryn Witt Cast

  6. Photo of Royal Dano

    Royal Dano Cast

  7. Photo of Federico Luppi

    Federico Luppi Cast

  8. Photo of Rodolfo Ranni

    Rodolfo Ranni Cast

  9. Photo of Ivan Grey

    Ivan Grey Cast

  10. Photo of Ricardo Hamlin

    Ricardo Hamlin Cast

  11. Photo of Edgardo Moreira

    Edgardo Moreira Cast

  12. Photo of Armando Capo

    Armando Capo Cast

  13. Photo of Marcos Woinsky

    Marcos Woinsky Cast

  14. Photo of Victor Hugo Caula

    Victor Hugo Caula Cinematography

  15. Photo of Jorge López Ruiz

    Jorge López Ruiz Music

  16. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Producer

  17. Photo of Alejandro Sessa

    Alejandro Sessa Producer

  18. Photo of Fernando Ayala

    Fernando Ayala Producer

  19. Photo of Luis Osvaldo Repetto

    Luis Osvaldo Repetto Producer

  20. Photo of Eduardo López

    Eduardo López Editing

  21. Photo of Jorge Firdman

    Jorge Firdman Editing

  22. Photo of Fernando Guariniello

    Fernando Guariniello Editing

  23. Photo of Miguel López

    Miguel López Editing

  24. Photo of Norberto Castronuovo

    Norberto Castronuovo Sound

  25. Photo of María Julia Bertotto

    María Julia Bertotto Art Department

  26. Photo of Tom Cundom

    Tom Cundom Special Effects

  27. Photo of Eduardo Sierra

    Eduardo Sierra Visual Effects