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  1. William R Clark's rating of the film Code 46

    Perfect 3 (is that my default now?) Why I watched this, I don't know. But it looks super sleek and cold, while having some handhelds that don't feel out of place, so that's an accomplishment. And the script has a fantastic way of not saying what it's saying. Robbins is adequate but miscast.

  2. Ivana Okretić's rating of the film Code 46

  3. Gergő Kovács's rating of the film Code 46

  4. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Code 46

    It doesn't work, but I still think about it regularly years later. The 1% and the rest, in the wilds.

  5. Robert Howard's rating of the film Code 46

    Have seen this once years ago. Need to see again to update my rating. Strange how this movie sometimes comes to mind...

  6. Paul Relf's rating of the film Code 46

    Morton is good and I liked the idea but it felt a bit lifeless to me.

  7. Emilycx's rating of the film Code 46

  8. Jermaine Osei-tutu's rating of the film Code 46

  9. raggiodisole's rating of the film Code 46

    Another dystopian world, where the alienation is extended even to lovers. a muted, languid look at a possible future. Seek Children of Men for more excitement

  10. Magic Lantern Alison's rating of the film Code 46

    Disappointing. Interesting ideas but I just didn't feel engaged in this world.

  11. Alex Doidge's rating of the film Code 46

    Vague and awkwardly acted despite an interesting concept.

  12. Tommaso Paola's rating of the film Code 46

    Some really interesting concepts make for a good lo fi sci fi. Robbins and Tim Robbins are kind of weird but still work. Too bad for the underwhelming and fast ending.

  13. Mark Clay's rating of the film Code 46

    We're not very genetically diverse. And if you iron out the DNA abnormalities that cause diseases then everyone's going be kind of near cousins to everyone else, not good. I was intrigued that someone had made a film about this but its not much cop really and sort of goes a bit 'escape from the dome' like so many other movies.

  14. Caroline Gausden's rating of the film Code 46

    great film and very timely. Immigration control?

  15. ajdehany's rating of the film Code 46

    They were going for subtlety & naturalism in scifi, which is laudable, but Morton and Robbins are miscast in their roles for a start, and their lack of chemistry is slow painful screen death. I like the viral conceit but none of the ideas are satisfactorily developed either. It pains me not to even have anything funny to say about it. Wait, Winter*bottom* more like. Ahaha. Hmm. Next.

  16. CIUDAD 24's rating of the film Code 46

    Great concept; crazy lingo; a delicate love story; Shanghai

  17. nickolia's rating of the film Code 46

    love it: the delicacy and thought behind this new language they speak, the totally believable future technology, Samantha Morton's accent. the short scene with the receptionist where the empathy virus doesn't work. the fine, understated acting. this is a film with big ideas - all totally supported by beautiful small, subtle touches.

  18. We are all ghosts!'s rating of the film Code 46

    Middling. Neither great nor awful, Somewhat forgettable though!

  19. Ijubeli's rating of the film Code 46

    the futuristic nature of this film gives it some sense of removal from reality, which helps the concepts of the story line sink in. The ethical dilemma's placed at the heart of this artwork are telling about modernity and provide food for thought for anyone. Cinematically it is done well, no issues there. The acting is of good quality I think. Certainly worth a watch - an emotional journey certainly.

  20. lostlevel's rating of the film Code 46

    I must admit that there are certain things in this film that are a little scarce but it did allow some space to be contemplative. I'm curious to known what it would've been like to watch the film without the foreword and see if the subtle world building would have worked.

  21. ivCZan's rating of the film Code 46

    This could be a decent short movie. Making it this long only dilutes the ideas. Survived first half hour, then kinda skimmed the rest to get the idea what it is about. Not wort the time spent. But again: nice try.

  22. Steve G.'s rating of the film Code 46

    Code 46 is an amalgam of Blade Runner, Gattaca and a number of other highly regarded sci-fi films. It's also absolutely terrible. Samantha Morton's committed performance is its one and only bright spot. Tim Robbins is completely dreadful, the plot is a complete and total mess, and the ending a total disaster. Easily one of the worst and most infuriating films I've ever seen. Argh, basically.

  23. Patrycja Grimm's rating of the film Code 46

    Weak script. I could not link with any of the characters... blunt... although great CGI, lighting ,camera shots, future design interior/product, sound design... - so much effort for such weak story

  24. Stuart's rating of the film Code 46

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