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  1. Photo of Claude Chabrol

    Claude Chabrol Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roger Hanin

    Roger Hanin Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Jean Halain

    Jean Halain Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maria Mauban

    Maria Mauban Cast

  5. Photo of Roger Dumas

    Roger Dumas Cast

  6. Photo of Antonio Passalia

    Antonio Passalia Cast

  7. Photo of Jimmy Karoubi

    Jimmy Karoubi Cast

  8. Photo of Daniela Bianchi

    Daniela Bianchi Cast

  9. Photo of Roger Rudel

    Roger Rudel Cast

  10. Photo of Carlo Nell

    Carlo Nell Cast

  11. Photo of Henri Attal

    Henri Attal Cast

  12. Photo of Christa Lang

    Christa Lang Cast

  13. Photo of Guy d' Avout

    Guy d' Avout Cast

  14. Photo of Albert Dagnant

    Albert Dagnant Cast

  15. Photo of Dominique Zardi

    Dominique Zardi Cast

  16. Photo of Stéphane Audran

    Stéphane Audran Cast

  17. Photo of Jean Rabier

    Jean Rabier Cinematography

  18. Photo of Pierre Jansen

    Pierre Jansen Music

  19. Photo of Christine Gouze-Rénal

    Christine Gouze-Rénal Producer

  20. Photo of Fred Surin

    Fred Surin Producer

  21. Photo of Jacques Gaillard

    Jacques Gaillard Editing