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  1. Photo of Ronald Wilson

    Ronald Wilson Director

  2. Photo of Ben Rea

    Ben Rea Director

  3. Photo of Viktors Ritelis

    Viktors Ritelis Director

  4. Photo of David Sullivan Proudfoot

    David Sullivan Proudfoot Director

  5. Photo of Peter Graham Scott

    Peter Graham Scott Director

  6. Photo of Baz Taylor

    Baz Taylor Director

  7. Photo of Gerard Glaister

    Gerard Glaister Director and Producer

  8. Photo of Tony Williamson

    Tony Williamson Screenplay

  9. Photo of Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Screenplay

  10. Photo of David T. Chantler

    David T. Chantler Screenplay

  11. Photo of Mervyn Haisman

    Mervyn Haisman Screenplay

  12. Photo of Victor Canning

    Victor Canning Screenplay

  13. Photo of Henry Lincoln

    Henry Lincoln Screenplay

  14. Photo of Michael Winder

    Michael Winder Screenplay

  15. Photo of Ray Jenkins

    Ray Jenkins Screenplay

  16. Photo of Colin Free

    Colin Free Screenplay

  17. Photo of N.J. Crisp

    N.J. Crisp Screenplay

  18. Photo of Clifford Evans

    Clifford Evans Cast

  19. Photo of Anthony Valentine

    Anthony Valentine Cast

  20. Photo of Alexandra Bastedo

    Alexandra Bastedo Cast

  21. Photo of Brian Peck

    Brian Peck Cast