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  1. Photo of Halit Refiğ

    Halit Refiğ Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Bülent Oran

    Bülent Oran Screenplay

  3. Photo of Memduh Ün

    Memduh Ün Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Cüneyt Arkın

    Cüneyt Arkın Cast

  5. Photo of Bahar Erdeniz

    Bahar Erdeniz Cast

  6. Photo of Süleyman Turan

    Süleyman Turan Cast

  7. Photo of Hayati Hamzaoglu

    Hayati Hamzaoglu Cast

  8. Photo of Atıf Kaptan

    Atıf Kaptan Cast

  9. Photo of Kazım Kartal

    Kazım Kartal Cast

  10. Photo of Cemil Can Bıçakçı

    Cemil Can Bıçakçı Cast

  11. Photo of Yusuf Sezer

    Yusuf Sezer Cast

  12. Photo of Murat Tok

    Murat Tok Cast

  13. Photo of Sıdıka Duruer

    Sıdıka Duruer Cast

  14. Photo of Sabahat İzgü

    Sabahat İzgü Cast

  15. Photo of Kadir Kök

    Kadir Kök Cast

  16. Photo of Sümer Tilmaç

    Sümer Tilmaç Cast

  17. Photo of Mustafa Yavuz

    Mustafa Yavuz Cast

  18. Photo of İhsan Özenç

    İhsan Özenç Cast

  19. Photo of Nermin Özses

    Nermin Özses Cast

  20. Photo of Cahit Engin

    Cahit Engin Cinematography