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  1. Photo of András Kovács

    András Kovács Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tibor Cseres

    Tibor Cseres Screenplay

  3. Photo of Zoltán Latinovits

    Zoltán Latinovits Cast

  4. Photo of Iván Darvas

    Iván Darvas Cast

  5. Photo of Tibor Szilágyi

    Tibor Szilágyi Cast

  6. Photo of Ádám Szirtes

    Ádám Szirtes Cast

  7. Photo of Margit Bara

    Margit Bara Cast

  8. Photo of Teri Horváth

    Teri Horváth Cast

  9. Photo of Irén Psota

    Irén Psota Cast

  10. Photo of Mari Szemes

    Mari Szemes Cast

  11. Photo of Éva Vass

    Éva Vass Cast

  12. Photo of István Avar

    István Avar Cast

  13. Photo of Tamás Major

    Tamás Major Cast

  14. Photo of János Zách

    János Zách Cast

  15. Photo of András Ambrus

    András Ambrus Cast

  16. Photo of Gyula Benkö

    Gyula Benkö Cast

  17. Photo of Antal Farkas

    Antal Farkas Cast

  18. Photo of János Koltai

    János Koltai Cast

  19. Photo of Gábor Koncz

    Gábor Koncz Cast

  20. Photo of Károly Kovács

    Károly Kovács Cast

  21. Photo of József Madaras

    József Madaras Cast

  22. Photo of Tibor Molnár

    Tibor Molnár Cast

  23. Photo of Erzsi Simor

    Erzsi Simor Cast

  24. Photo of Ferenc Szécsényi

    Ferenc Szécsényi Cinematography

  25. Photo of Béla Zeichan

    Béla Zeichan Production Design

  26. Photo of Mária Daróczy

    Mária Daróczy Editing

  27. Photo of Gábor Erdélyi

    Gábor Erdélyi Sound