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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Cold Fever

    Une amère et froide déception, d'un metteur en scène jusqu'à présent toujours intéressant, qui s'acoquinant avec les distributeurs américains, nous propose une mixture indigeste, sans âme, étriquée, d'une médiocrité affligeante et d'un intérêt tout juste touristique...

  2. Grzegorz Wełna's rating of the film Cold Fever

    When the spirit meets the reality in a sarcastic/surreal/beautifull movie, and facilitating the soul.

  3. Mugino's rating of the film Cold Fever

    It works as an existentialist Icelandic travelogue -- the harsh beauty of the landscapes are undeniable -- but frustrates a bit with its orientalist notions when it comes to Hirata. I can't help but wonder if the fish-out-of-water Japanese salaryman was a necessary plot vehicle or a convenient stereotype.

  4. lupiter's rating of the film Cold Fever

    "only stupid people believe in what they can see and touch"

  5. eric gould's rating of the film Cold Fever

    Iceland's wintry and snow-and-ice scraped setting is introduced to Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's viewers through the fresh eyes of a visitor in Cold Fever. Although it's not a tourist draw that beckons Hirata the film's central character to Reykjavik and points beyond. His parents died in an accident on a remote road where Hirata wishes to draw closure. Cold Fever had a limited fest run but no US distribution on DVD.