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  1. Photo of Mikkel Brænne Sandemose

    Mikkel Brænne Sandemose Director

  2. Photo of Peder Fuglerud

    Peder Fuglerud Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lars Gudmestad

    Lars Gudmestad Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ida Marie Bakkerud

    Ida Marie Bakkerud Cast

  5. Photo of Julie Rusti

    Julie Rusti Cast

  6. Photo of Terje Ranes

    Terje Ranes Cast

  7. Photo of Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen

    Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen Cast

  8. Photo of Sturla Rui

    Sturla Rui Cast

  9. Photo of Arthur Berning

    Arthur Berning Cast

  10. Photo of Nils Johnson

    Nils Johnson Cast

  11. Photo of Pål Stokka

    Pål Stokka Cast

  12. Photo of Trine Wiggen

    Trine Wiggen Cast

  13. Photo of Hallvard Holmen

    Hallvard Holmen Cast

  14. Photo of Ari Willey

    Ari Willey Cinematography

  15. Photo of Magnus Beite

    Magnus Beite Music

  16. Photo of Lina Nordqvist

    Lina Nordqvist Production Design

  17. Photo of Kristian Sinkerud

    Kristian Sinkerud Producer

  18. Photo of Martin Sundland

    Martin Sundland Producer and Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Thomas Løberg

    Thomas Løberg Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Magne Lyngner

    Magne Lyngner Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Wibecke Rønseth

    Wibecke Rønseth Editing

  22. Photo of Kjell Nordström

    Kjell Nordström Costume Design