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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Cold Prey

    Gorgeous Norwegian snow atmosphere make it a little more unique than most slashers. It has better acting than normal too, but is unforgivable that the best eye candy girl gets offed first. The script is a predictable "madman kills the young people" plot and the film has the script of a classic 1980s genre movie, but since it is the first ever Norwegian big-budget genre movie I'm a little more forgiveable than usual.

  2. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Cold Prey

    Very run-of-the-mill slasher film that may sport a unique setting-- but so what-- and a likable cast, yet the viewer doesn't know much about the character's other than that they seem cool to hang around with. The filmmakers obviously wanted to make a straight, no-nonsense slasher film, but Cold Prey is a knockoff of the type, rather than a trendsetting film of its own.

  3. J. O.'s rating of the film Cold Prey

    A typical slasher horror film that tries to be untypical with its cold and isolated setting in the mountains of Norway. The unforgiving natural world aside, this was quite average but serves its purpose.

  4. Bert Corten's rating of the film Cold Prey

    Got to love the Norwegians. The believable characters, suggestive directing and the general setting make up for the rather predictable plot. Part 2 is also great, part 3: still enjoyable but kinda redundant.

  5. vordven's rating of the film Cold Prey

  6. IAGO's rating of the film Cold Prey

    musical themes are stolen. avarage horror movie

  7. Nokta's rating of the film Cold Prey

    not a boring film but the end was easy... the acting was awful but Ingrid Bolsø Berdal... she was quite ok... i am looking forward to watch 2 and 3, to see what would be changed....