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  1. Photo of Dominik Graf

    Dominik Graf Director

  2. Photo of Markus Busch

    Markus Busch Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jessica Schwarz

    Jessica Schwarz Cast

  4. Photo of Angela Roy

    Angela Roy Cast

  5. Photo of Friedrich von Thun

    Friedrich von Thun Cast

  6. Photo of Mišel Matičević

    Mišel Matičević Cast

  7. Photo of Matthias Schweighöfer

    Matthias Schweighöfer Cast

  8. Photo of Tanja Gutmann

    Tanja Gutmann Cast

  9. Photo of Markus Boysen

    Markus Boysen Cast

  10. Photo of Marita Ragonese

    Marita Ragonese Cast

  11. Photo of Hanno Lentz

    Hanno Lentz Cinematography

  12. Photo of Dieter Schleip

    Dieter Schleip Music

  13. Photo of Claus-Jürgen Pfeiffer

    Claus-Jürgen Pfeiffer Production Design

  14. Photo of Michael Hild

    Michael Hild Producer

  15. Photo of Caroline von Senden

    Caroline von Senden Producer

  16. Photo of Frank Döhmann

    Frank Döhmann Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Rolf Schleitzer

    Rolf Schleitzer Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Christel Suckow

    Christel Suckow Editing