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  1. Photo of Michael Ferguson

    Michael Ferguson Director

  2. Photo of Peter Cregeen

    Peter Cregeen Director

  3. Photo of William Slater

    William Slater Director

  4. Photo of Viktors Ritelis

    Viktors Ritelis Director

  5. Photo of Ken Hannam

    Ken Hannam Director

  6. Photo of Terence Dudley

    Terence Dudley Director

  7. Photo of N.J. Crisp

    N.J. Crisp Screenplay

  8. Photo of John Brason

    John Brason Screenplay

  9. Photo of Arden Winch

    Arden Winch Screenplay

  10. Photo of Ian Kennedy Martin

    Ian Kennedy Martin Screenplay

  11. Photo of Brian Degas

    Brian Degas Screenplay

  12. Photo of Marc Brandell

    Marc Brandell Screenplay

  13. Photo of Robert Müller

    Robert Müller Screenplay

  14. Photo of Troy Kennedy-Martin

    Troy Kennedy-Martin Screenplay

  15. Photo of David Ambrose

    David Ambrose Screenplay

  16. Photo of Robert Wagner

    Robert Wagner Cast

  17. Photo of David McCallum

    David McCallum Cast

  18. Photo of Jack Hedley

    Jack Hedley Cast

  19. Photo of Bernard Hepton

    Bernard Hepton Cast

  20. Photo of Anthony Valentine

    Anthony Valentine Cast

  21. Photo of Edward Hardwicke

    Edward Hardwicke Cast

  22. Photo of Christopher Neame

    Christopher Neame Cast

  23. Photo of Richard Heffer

    Richard Heffer Cast

  24. Photo of Hans Meyer

    Hans Meyer Cast

  25. Photo of Robert Farnon

    Robert Farnon Music

  26. Photo of Austin Ruddy

    Austin Ruddy Production Design

  27. Photo of Robert Berk

    Robert Berk Production Design

  28. Photo of Barrie Dobbins

    Barrie Dobbins Production Design

  29. Photo of Peter Seddon

    Peter Seddon Production Design

  30. Photo of Gerard Glaister

    Gerard Glaister Producer