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  1. Loz Loory's rating of the film Coldwater

    4.5 A very well done film that successfully indicts this type of "rehabilitation." The flashbacks were interwoven nicely with the forward plot. The characters were excellent. So sad to think of how many kids have been thoroughly traumatized in these "tough love" camps.

  2. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Coldwater

    Plays kind of like a brutal afterschool special. The movie starts off really slow and kind of weak, with poorly placed flashbacks that stop-and-start the rhythm of the narrative. Kind of just poor editing, really. But about an hour in, things start to get better. In the final act, things get really crazy and quite brutal, thus saving the film, really. Overall, it ends up being somewhat enjoyable.

  3. adamjaymorris's rating of the film Coldwater

    Entertaining and suspenseful, with a convincing performance by the lead. But the film relies too much on cliché.

  4. ekeal9497's rating of the film Coldwater

    Coldwater is a great film to go watch!! I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes to debate about the topic of real man power and masculinity in general. Vincent Grashaw did a very good job within the film. The characters, Cinematography, music, etc. All were excellent. The setting of the film was a great fit too. The idea of the young teens going through military treatment is very symbolic in the film. Nice

  5. NicholasHeinecke's rating of the film Coldwater

    Definitely not based on a true story, but a fictionalization of many accounts of institutional violence and abuse. This film makes you think about the way that people who have made bad decisions can be swept up into the system. I liked the timeline switch, which added a nice layer to the story. The violence was done only to serve as a message, which i appreciated as it added to the development of the characters.

  6. PropheticHeine's rating of the film Coldwater

    This movie takes classic forms and makes itself into its own movie. Its usage of flashbacks provides a narrative element that gives us insight to our protagonist's character before the program, it also builds us a greater sympathy for his reasons in having to go into the program. This is also helped by various transitions like the jump cuts between flashbacks and present time. Overall it's a fantastic movie to watch.

  7. DSpaceNine's rating of the film Coldwater

    Hard to watch, but totally compelling. Wow.

  8. Blakevon's rating of the film Coldwater

    Coldwater attempts to explore the modern idea of masculinity and just how toxic it can be. Our story follows a young man named Brad Lunders and his experience at Coldwater, a juvenile correction facility in the middle of the wilderness. This movie has distinct similarities to the movie Holes, however, instead of just fighting to get out of this camp, our characters must come together to save each other's lives.

  9. Isaac Lefebvre's rating of the film Coldwater

    The film Coldwater is based on actual events. The film follows a group of young men who were sent to a correctional camp similar to a boot camp. The young men who are sent to the camp have been signed over to the government by their parents. They're forced to fun miles everyday, sprayed with firehoses, strung up by their wrist and left overnight. Overall the film is very brutal, and takes many twists and turns.

  10. Sakinah's rating of the film Coldwater

    As a film, it was sort of a roller coaster in really where the plot was going but especially towards the end, and even the actual ending was kind of loose in regards to Brad's actual outcome. Overall though, it was sort of a gruesome, modern indie-drama version of Holes and it really kept me intrigued. The actual back and forth between past and present threw me off at times, but eventually everything aligned as one.

  11. norman51227's rating of the film Coldwater

    The movie Coldwater to me was not that great of a movie. I was confused why they took so long to tell why the main character Brad, had been sent to this camp. I did like that the story put light on camps like this around the world because things like this really do go unnoticed or documented. The acting to me I didn't feel genuine, I felt like they were forcing a lot of dialogue through out the movie.

  12. Tim R.'s rating of the film Coldwater

    The weakness of the film aligns with the weakness of (American) politics. The thicket of clichés re masculinity places the coming-of-age entirely in the service of regression. An uncanny cipher for Trumpistan as Lord of the Flies. Of course the children who endure the most heinous acts of torture are non-white.

  13. crystal meff's rating of the film Coldwater

  14. Eric Miller's rating of the film Coldwater

    This movie was good normally the movies that have to deal with prisons usually feature a minority. I really liked the aerial view shot that they gave us for this area. From that, it gave us a lot of contexts that there's nothing much around them in that it's mostly nature. The characters are unique. Example the retired colonel is very passionate but he has an edginess to him that allows him to portray fear well.

  15. AVA's rating of the film Coldwater

    Krieg in Kleinformat mit seinen widerlichen Grausamkeiten. Gute Besetzung,besonders der Hauptfigur.Die breite Palette P.J.Boudousques Ausdrucksmöglichkeit hat mich sehr beeindruckt.

  16. Michael Diers's rating of the film Coldwater

    Das Drama um die unhaltbaren Zustände in einem Bootcamp beginnt sehr pomadig, entwickelt sich dann aber zu einem nicht unspannenden Thriller. An einigen Stellen sehr unlogisch, aber für einen unterhaltsamen Filmabend und drei Sternen reicht es allemal.

  17. Jaco's rating of the film Coldwater

    In Ordnung, dass dieses Thema, Erziehungskamp, Grundlage für einen Film ist, die Story an sich ist auch gut, nur daraus noch einen guten Film machen, ist eine Kunst an sich. Leider hier nicht ganz gelungen. Die Rückblicke am Anfang zu gekünstelt und störend, die Spannung fällt immer wieder ab, die Hauptfigur wirkt unrealistisch und würde in einem romantischen Liebesfilm besser zur Geltung kommen.

  18. lisa's rating of the film Coldwater

    i found the main actor like almost unwatchable but maybe i'm just in a pissy mood. this wasn't great but it was captivating just because it was gruesome. i make myself sick

  19. XTine's rating of the film Coldwater

    This was ... poor. And boring. A failed, awfully hollywoodish combination of thriller and documentary. This depressing topic deserves much better.

  20. riraru's rating of the film Coldwater

    Gut gemeint moralisch und sozialkritisch. Aber die letzte Wendung ist einfach zuviel.

  21. bastos's rating of the film Coldwater

    mullti dmensional intense reflection of an, in my opinion misleading, kids education strategy

  22. Herlescu Daniel's rating of the film Coldwater

    I was like "yeah, right..." during most of the scenes. Loads of clichés. Really disappointing.

  23. BrownieS's rating of the film Coldwater

    Klasse Film über eine sogenannte Besserungsanstalt, in der den "Kids" eher das letzte bißchen Menschlichkeit ausgetrieben wird. Fragliche Art der "Besserung"... Sehenswert!

  24. ladysnaggle's rating of the film Coldwater

    The main actor's lack of facial expression is annoying the living shit out of me.

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