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  1. Photo of Jerzy Hoffman

    Jerzy Hoffman Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jerzy Lutowski

    Jerzy Lutowski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Henryk Sienkiewicz

    Henryk Sienkiewicz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jerzy Lipman

    Jerzy Lipman Cinematography

  5. Photo of Tadeusz Lomnicki

    Tadeusz Lomnicki Cast

  6. Photo of Magdalena Zawadzka

    Magdalena Zawadzka Cast

  7. Photo of Mieczyslaw Pawlikowski

    Mieczyslaw Pawlikowski Cast

  8. Photo of Hanka Bielicka

    Hanka Bielicka Cast

  9. Photo of Barbara Brylska

    Barbara Brylska Cast

  10. Photo of Irena Karel

    Irena Karel Cast

  11. Photo of Jan Nowicki

    Jan Nowicki Cast

  12. Photo of Daniel Olbrychski

    Daniel Olbrychski Cast

  13. Photo of Marek Perepeczko

    Marek Perepeczko Cast

  14. Photo of Mariusz Dmochowski

    Mariusz Dmochowski Cast

  15. Photo of Wladyslaw Hancza

    Wladyslaw Hancza Cast

  16. Photo of Gustaw Lutkiewicz

    Gustaw Lutkiewicz Cast

  17. Photo of Tadeusz Schmidt

    Tadeusz Schmidt Cast

  18. Photo of Andrzej Szczepkowski

    Andrzej Szczepkowski Cast

  19. Photo of Leonard Andrzejewski

    Leonard Andrzejewski Cast

  20. Photo of Bogusz Bilewski

    Bogusz Bilewski Cast

  21. Photo of Alina Faflik

    Alina Faflik Editing

  22. Photo of Jerzy Groszang

    Jerzy Groszang Production Design

  23. Photo of Wojciech Krysztofiak

    Wojciech Krysztofiak Production Design

  24. Photo of Andrzej Markowski

    Andrzej Markowski Music

  25. Photo of Leszek Wronko

    Leszek Wronko Sound

  26. Photo of Lech Zahorski

    Lech Zahorski Costume Design