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  1. Photo of Alexi Tan

    Alexi Tan Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ning Cai Shen

    Ning Cai Shen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Liu Ye

    Liu Ye Cast

  4. Photo of Yao Chen

    Yao Chen Cast

  5. Photo of Joan Chen

    Joan Chen Cast

  6. Photo of Monica Mok

    Monica Mok Cast

  7. Photo of Gao Yuanyuan

    Gao Yuanyuan Cast

  8. Photo of Zhu Hong

    Zhu Hong Cast

  9. Photo of Wong Hei

    Wong Hei Cast

  10. Photo of Russell Wong

    Russell Wong Cast

  11. Photo of Zhu Jie

    Zhu Jie Cast

  12. Photo of Huang Hong

    Huang Hong Cast

  13. Photo of Su Mang

    Su Mang Cast

  14. Photo of Yu Feihong

    Yu Feihong Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Loehr

    Peter Loehr Cast

  16. Photo of Erik Siao

    Erik Siao Cast

  17. Photo of Peter Cheung

    Peter Cheung Cast

  18. Photo of Daniel Chan

    Daniel Chan Cast

  19. Photo of Lü Yan

    Lü Yan Cast

  20. Photo of Yue Minjun

    Yue Minjun Cast

  21. Photo of Ng Zing

    Ng Zing Cast

  22. Photo of Cao Yu

    Cao Yu Cinematography

  23. Photo of Terence Chang

    Terence Chang Producer

  24. Photo of Laura Fu

    Laura Fu Producer

  25. Photo of Wang Dafang

    Wang Dafang Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Li Ding

    Li Ding Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Amy Huang

    Amy Huang Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Liu Shilai

    Liu Shilai Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Yi Tian

    Yi Tian Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Xu Leilei

    Xu Leilei Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Gu Guoqing

    Gu Guoqing Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Xiao Yang

    Xiao Yang Editing

  33. Photo of Zhu Xiaojin

    Zhu Xiaojin Sound

  34. Photo of Jennifer Hitzges

    Jennifer Hitzges Costume Design