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  1. Photo of Pedro Costa

    Pedro Costa Director, Screenplay, Cinematography

  2. Photo of Ventura

    Ventura Cast

  3. Photo of Vanda Duarte

    Vanda Duarte Cast

  4. Photo of Paula Barrulas

    Paula Barrulas Cast

  5. Photo of Cila Cardoso

    Cila Cardoso Cast

  6. Photo of Francisco Villa-Lobos

    Francisco Villa-Lobos Producer

  7. Photo of Leonardo Simões

    Leonardo Simões Cinematography

  8. Photo of Pedro Filipe Marques

    Pedro Filipe Marques Editing

  9. Photo of Silva 'Nana' Alexandre

    Silva 'Nana' Alexandre Cast

  10. Photo of Philippe Avril

    Philippe Avril Producer

  11. Photo of Olivier Blanc

    Olivier Blanc Sound

  12. Photo of Alberto 'Lento' Barros

    Alberto 'Lento' Barros Cast

  13. Photo of Beatriz Duarte

    Beatriz Duarte Cast

  14. Photo of Paulo Nunes

    Paulo Nunes Cast

  15. Photo of Gustavo Sumpta

    Gustavo Sumpta Cast

  16. Photo of António 'Pango' Semedo

    António 'Pango' Semedo Cast

  17. Photo of José Maria Pina

    José Maria Pina Cast

  18. Photo of Vasco Pedroso

    Vasco Pedroso Sound

  19. Photo of Jean-Pierre Laforce

    Jean-Pierre Laforce Sound

  20. Photo of Andres Pfäffli

    Andres Pfäffli Producer

  21. Photo of Elda Guidinetti

    Elda Guidinetti Producer