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  1. Photo of Ketan Mehta

    Ketan Mehta Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Sanjeev Dutta

    Sanjeev Dutta Screenplay

  3. Photo of Randeep Hooda

    Randeep Hooda Cast

  4. Photo of Nandana Sen

    Nandana Sen Cast

  5. Photo of Jim Boeven

    Jim Boeven Cast

  6. Photo of Tom Alter

    Tom Alter Cast

  7. Photo of Gaurav Dwivedi

    Gaurav Dwivedi Cast

  8. Photo of Paresh Rawal

    Paresh Rawal Cast

  9. Photo of Vipin Sharma

    Vipin Sharma Cast

  10. Photo of Chirag Vohra

    Chirag Vohra Cast

  11. Photo of Suhasini Mulay

    Suhasini Mulay Cast

  12. Photo of Rachna Shah

    Rachna Shah Cast

  13. Photo of Christo Bakalov

    Christo Bakalov Cinematography

  14. Photo of Rali Raltschev

    Rali Raltschev Cinematography

  15. Photo of Sandesh Shandilya

    Sandesh Shandilya Music

  16. Photo of Aanand Mahendroo

    Aanand Mahendroo Producer

  17. Photo of Deepa Sahi

    Deepa Sahi Producer

  18. Photo of Rupali Mehta

    Rupali Mehta Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Guneet Monga

    Guneet Monga Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Yves Beloniak

    Yves Beloniak Editing

  21. Photo of Pratik Chitalia

    Pratik Chitalia Editing