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  1. meepy's rating of the film Columbus

    Columbus, in the simple words, showed Jin and Casey going through a tough part of their lives while meeting each other and helping each other. The dialogue was simple but pushed the story forward. Shots were so beautiful and interesting for a film about architecture.

  2. joaomoita's rating of the film Columbus

    a mix between before sunrise and call me by your name but with a crude sense of reality that none of them actually have, very enjoyable

  3. ig_____or's rating of the film Columbus

    All those things "Lady Bird" is getting lauded for... well, I would say they're done better here. The homage to a city, the coming-of-age conflicts, the mother/daughter relationship... "Columbus" taps all areas beautifully, in an understated and intimate way, with the theme of architecture linking all these characters and scenes together. Haley Lu Richardson... wow!

  4. Matt Reddick's rating of the film Columbus

    Columbus>Lady Bird...even lazier take: Kore-eda meets Rohmer.

  5. Dan's rating of the film Columbus

    Richardson continues to astound with her screen presence but every single building Kagonada filmed was more interesting than anything he wanted to say about family, friendship, loss and life. Booking a ticket to Columbus for the culture tho...

  6. Wing Narada's rating of the film Columbus

    Some of the best scenes are the ones that doesn't have any dialogues.

  7. Polyglot's rating of the film Columbus

    The costume design stood out for me in this film. It was like the extras were all wearing t-shirts. :p

  8. Gabriele Mariotti's rating of the film Columbus

    it's ok, nothing really happened...

  9. Kamran's rating of the film Columbus

    A deftly handled character drama: multifaceted, tempered, and mature. 82/100 - Great

  10. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film Columbus

  11. Zac Weber's rating of the film Columbus

    A delicate film that showcases the beautiful architecture sprouting out of this quirky community in southern Indiana. The town of Columbus should have been given top billing during the credits. Kogonada is clearly a master of composition and mood, and I found the film’s symmetry quite mesmerizing. Some of the dialogue is annoying, but the film in general is rather rewarding.

  12. orisa's rating of the film Columbus

    3 stars but only because John Cho is in it

  13. patríciapinho's rating of the film Columbus

    i thought this was gonna be similar to before sunrise...but the characters were so dull and annoying.......ok i get it u don't own a phone woww

  14. Loz Loory's rating of the film Columbus

    2.5 stars. John Cho rarely gets good roles to sink his teeth into. Unfortunately, the staid performances dictated by the director are frustratingly devoid of much warmth (though Haley Jo Richardson transcends this parameter at times). The plot needs more: twists/turns to enliven the otherwise simple story of children caring for their parents. The cold modern architecture of Columbus only adds to the disaffection.

  15. abunchoffilms's rating of the film Columbus

    Watching Kogonada's video essays, you could see that if he ever got to make his own feature, that it would be beautiful and glorious and wondrous, and boy is it that, and so much more. Narrative humanism meets a rigorous formalism that would make Ozu proud.

  16. meth_'s rating of the film Columbus

    yeah, the symmetry is great, whatever. I still hate everyone in this

  17. letters never sent's rating of the film Columbus

  18. nadnab's rating of the film Columbus

  19. Disa's rating of the film Columbus

    smoking, walking around, talking. what a life to live.

  20. Andhika Eka Buana's rating of the film Columbus

    Godamn Kogonada's eyes for perfect symmetry.

  21. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Columbus

    Kogonada's cinephilia is front and center, evoking the likes of Rohmer and Tati. While the film is not perfect (I personally wish there were less of a plot), it is one of the most mature first films I have seen in years and shows a natural transition from video essays to full on filmmaking.

  22. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Columbus

    On paper this should have been clichéd and creepy but instead you get to dive gently into an enlightening tone poem both peaceful and exhilarating. Not a word is wasted, not an edit is rushed or leaves you hanging for the sake of it. It has the kind of gentle and thoughtful melancholia without a hint of melodrama that I so crave for. I need more.

  23. Andrew Birch's rating of the film Columbus

    Instagram aesthetic, hushed plastic reverence, commodified genericised disclosure. All the fetishised symbols of intimacy, without intimacy.

  24.'s rating of the film Columbus

    it's beautiful, heartwarming and meaningful. I love how color red become exist following the mood and the feeling of the character,

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