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  1. Photo of David Wnendt

    David Wnendt Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alina Levshin

    Alina Levshin Cast

  3. Photo of Jella Haase

    Jella Haase Cast

  4. Photo of Sayed Ahmad

    Sayed Ahmad Cast

  5. Photo of Gerdy Zint

    Gerdy Zint Cast

  6. Photo of Lukas Steltner

    Lukas Steltner Cast

  7. Photo of Uwe Preuss

    Uwe Preuss Cast

  8. Photo of Winnie Böwe

    Winnie Böwe Cast

  9. Photo of Rosa Enskat

    Rosa Enskat Cast

  10. Photo of Haymon Maria Buttinger

    Haymon Maria Buttinger Cast

  11. Photo of Klaus Manchen

    Klaus Manchen Cast

  12. Photo of Andreas Leupold

    Andreas Leupold Cast

  13. Photo of Najebullah Ahmadi

    Najebullah Ahmadi Cast

  14. Photo of Anne Laszus

    Anne Laszus Cast

  15. Photo of Elias Raudith

    Elias Raudith Cast

  16. Photo of Helmut Rosentreter

    Helmut Rosentreter Cast

  17. Photo of Sven Splettstößer

    Sven Splettstößer Cast

  18. Photo of Jonas Schmager

    Jonas Schmager Cinematography

  19. Photo of Johannes Repka

    Johannes Repka Music

  20. Photo of Jenny Rösler

    Jenny Rösler Production Design

  21. Photo of René Frotscher

    René Frotscher Producer

  22. Photo of Eva-Marie Martens

    Eva-Marie Martens Producer

  23. Photo of Andreas Wodraschke

    Andreas Wodraschke Editing

  24. Photo of Paul Rischer

    Paul Rischer Sound