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  1. Photo of Mario Farese

    Mario Farese Cast

  2. Photo of Silvia Spinozzi

    Silvia Spinozzi Cast

  3. Photo of Anna Curti

    Anna Curti Cast

  4. Photo of Pietro Plinio Quinzi

    Pietro Plinio Quinzi Cast

  5. Photo of Sergio Mioni

    Sergio Mioni Cast

  6. Photo of Romano Milani

    Romano Milani Cast

  7. Photo of Piero Regnoli

    Piero Regnoli Screenplay

  8. Photo of Mario Imperoli

    Mario Imperoli Screenplay and Director

  9. Photo of Romano Albani

    Romano Albani Cinematography

  10. Photo of Otello Colangeli

    Otello Colangeli Editing

  11. Photo of Sandro Lena

    Sandro Lena Editing

  12. Photo of Annarita Grapputo

    Annarita Grapputo Cast

  13. Photo of Paola Senatore

    Paola Senatore Cast

  14. Photo of Cesare Barro

    Cesare Barro Cast

  15. Photo of Luis La Torre

    Luis La Torre Cast

  16. Photo of Gloria Piedimonte

    Gloria Piedimonte Cast

  17. Photo of Mario Novelli

    Mario Novelli Cast

  18. Photo of Paolo Carlini

    Paolo Carlini Cast

  19. Photo of Massimo Ciprari

    Massimo Ciprari Cast

  20. Photo of Lina Franchi

    Lina Franchi Cast