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  1. Photo of Huseyin Karabey

    Huseyin Karabey Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Abidin Parilti

    Abidin Parilti Screenplay

  3. Photo of Feride Gezer

    Feride Gezer Cast

  4. Photo of Melek Ülger

    Melek Ülger Cast

  5. Photo of Tuncay Akdemir

    Tuncay Akdemir Cast

  6. Photo of Muhsin Tokçu

    Muhsin Tokçu Cast

  7. Photo of Kadir İlter

    Kadir İlter Cast

  8. Photo of S. Emrah Özdemir

    S. Emrah Özdemir Cast

  9. Photo of Nazmi Sinan Mıhçı

    Nazmi Sinan Mıhçı Cast

  10. Photo of Murat Çatalbaş

    Murat Çatalbaş Cast

  11. Photo of Anne Misselwitz

    Anne Misselwitz Cinematography

  12. Photo of Ali Tekbaş

    Ali Tekbaş Music and Cast

  13. Photo of Serhat Bostanci

    Serhat Bostanci Music

  14. Photo of A. İmran Erin

    A. İmran Erin Music

  15. Photo of Emre Yeksan

    Emre Yeksan Producer

  16. Photo of Baptiste Gacoin

    Baptiste Gacoin Editing

  17. Photo of Gregor Arnold

    Gregor Arnold Sound