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  1. Photo of Bill Forsyth

    Bill Forsyth Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bill Paterson

    Bill Paterson Cast

  3. Photo of Eleanor David

    Eleanor David Cast

  4. Photo of Clare Grogan

    Clare Grogan Cast

  5. Photo of Alex Norton

    Alex Norton Cast

  6. Photo of Patrick Malahide

    Patrick Malahide Cast

  7. Photo of Rikki Fulton

    Rikki Fulton Cast

  8. Photo of Roberto Bernardi

    Roberto Bernardi Cast

  9. Photo of George Rossi

    George Rossi Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Rossi

    Peter Rossi Cast

  11. Photo of Billy McElhaney

    Billy McElhaney Cast

  12. Photo of Gilly Gilchrist

    Gilly Gilchrist Cast

  13. Photo of Caroline Guthrie

    Caroline Guthrie Cast

  14. Photo of Ona McCracken

    Ona McCracken Cast

  15. Photo of Elizabeth Sinclair

    Elizabeth Sinclair Cast

  16. Photo of Katy Black

    Katy Black Cast

  17. Photo of Robin Black

    Robin Black Cast

  18. Photo of Ron Donachie

    Ron Donachie Cast

  19. Photo of Arnold Brown

    Arnold Brown Cast

  20. Photo of Iain McColl

    Iain McColl Cast

  21. Photo of Billy Johnstone

    Billy Johnstone Cast

  22. Photo of Chris Menges

    Chris Menges Cinematography

  23. Photo of Mark Knopfler

    Mark Knopfler Music

  24. Photo of Adrienne Atkinson

    Adrienne Atkinson Production Design

  25. Photo of Davina Belling

    Davina Belling Producer

  26. Photo of Clive Parsons

    Clive Parsons Producer

  27. Photo of Michael Ellis

    Michael Ellis Editing

  28. Photo of Alan Bell

    Alan Bell Sound

  29. Photo of Lindy Hemming

    Lindy Hemming Costume Design

  30. Photo of Mary-Jane Reyner

    Mary-Jane Reyner Costume Design