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  1. Guillermo Padilla's rating of the film Compliance

    Un relato moderno sobre la estupidez humana, desespera el grado y en ello se basa el film, sin duda una pelicula interesante.

  2. Claire Wongsutin's rating of the film Compliance

  3. McMurphy's rating of the film Compliance

  4. Ash's rating of the film Compliance

    I spent the entire movie writhing around on the couch, yelling at the tv.

  5. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Compliance

    As soon as you know the twist, which isn't hard to guess, you know the movie. It's got some good tension in the first third but it grows more and more ludacris and I can't put myself in a place where being based on a true story justifies any of it.

  6. Barajag's rating of the film Compliance

    WTF?!? How could this happen? Watching this made me so uncomfortable, disturbed and angry. I'll probably never forget this movie.

  7. Sergio Fernandez's rating of the film Compliance

  8. João R's rating of the film Compliance

    It is not clear if it's the movie alone that has the power to be such an uncomfortable ride or if it's the announcement that this was a true story. Nevertheless, it is as unsettling as it is incomprehensible.

  9. yoan's rating of the film Compliance

    reka ulangyang–entah mengapa–gagal mengundang empati, atau memang bukan itu tujuannya? eksploitatif berarti.

  10. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Compliance

    Extreme film. Based on true story. People are sheep, and I don't mean the victim here.

  11. La Schiff's rating of the film Compliance

    seems unbelievable until you remember it's a true story. sensitive skilled acting.

  12. taniaburrito's rating of the film Compliance

  13. mpho3's rating of the film Compliance

    "What did they put in that chicken that made everybody lose their fucking minds?” Uncomfortable and barely believable except that it adheres very closely to one of 70 similar incidents across the country over the past decade. Zobel's script is based on one at a Kentucky-based McDonald’s in 2004. Dowd's performance as the restaurant manager is incredible.

  14. Amanda A.Costa's rating of the film Compliance

    It's hard to believe that is based on true facts, Sorry American users, but I cant believe how people were so dumb and things went so far like that. Just realized it was real when i saw some scenes in internet. The movie has good actings and its very tense though. 3.5/5

  15. Meltem's rating of the film Compliance

    it's about the milgram experiment but a very disturbing film.

  16. Jye Sherwell's rating of the film Compliance

    *SPOILERS* The still opening shots and shallow depth of field shots throughout, attribute to the tone of the film, along with the score, which I enjoyed. Ann Dowd gives a nice performance, and the long shot of the Police Officer towards the end was a nice touch, demonstrating the closeness of the station. Amazing that this actually happened, and it wasn't an isolated incident.

  17. cinemali's rating of the film Compliance

    Despite some lack of direction in term of narration (how are you suppose to relate to those people? It's impossible to understand what happened), the film, in its epilogue, takes a step back and asks questions, which made the film from "not so good" to "really interesting". I salute the believable actors and characters. They're not stereotypes nor clichés or dumb despite what they did.

  18. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Compliance

    We do what we're told (Milgram's 37)

  19. Riot-X's rating of the film Compliance

  20. Jackpantalones's rating of the film Compliance

    I don't really know what to say. This film will teach you that some people are evil and many people are stupid, if you didn't already know that. Uh...that's all I've got.

  21. orangey's rating of the film Compliance

    Perversion and cruelty lurk behind the scenes, but ultimately stupidity is the main villain of the movie. Way more disturbing than anything like Hostel or Saw.This takes a regular environment and normal people and manages to show you the darkness in that. There are shots of the fast food that are comparable the beginning zoom shot in Blue velvet. It's explicit but not exploitative. But it's hard to watch as hell

  22. Hazel Cills's rating of the film Compliance

    Should never have revealed the caller so early. Not sure why everyone's acting like the "based on a true story" title cheapens the movie because very little of this is dramatized? Loved that long take with the cop in the car to emphasize the distance between the police station and the restaurant. I thought this was really good.

  23. Tom Marsh's rating of the film Compliance

    Reading the real story is so much more interesting than the film

  24. John Burgan's rating of the film Compliance

    Very interesting how polarised the reactions to this movie e this are. It's certainly an uncomfortable watch, but definitely worth seeing.

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