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  1. Photo of Grigori Aleksandrov

    Grigori Aleksandrov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pyotr Pavlenko

    Pyotr Pavlenko Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nina Treneva

    Nina Treneva Screenplay

  4. Photo of Boris Smirnov

    Boris Smirnov Cast

  5. Photo of Lev Durasov

    Lev Durasov Cast

  6. Photo of Vladimir Savelyev

    Vladimir Savelyev Cast

  7. Photo of Lyubov Orlova

    Lyubov Orlova Cast

  8. Photo of Nikolay Korshunov

    Nikolay Korshunov Cast

  9. Photo of Yuri Lyubimov

    Yuri Lyubimov Cast

  10. Photo of Mikhail Nazvanov

    Mikhail Nazvanov Cast

  11. Photo of Konstantin Nassonov

    Konstantin Nassonov Cast

  12. Photo of Berta Vinogradova

    Berta Vinogradova Cast

  13. Photo of Georgiy Vitsin

    Georgiy Vitsin Cast

  14. Photo of Andrei Popov

    Andrei Popov Cast

  15. Photo of Igor Litovkin

    Igor Litovkin Cast

  16. Photo of Irina Likso

    Irina Likso Cast

  17. Photo of Svyatoslav Richter

    Svyatoslav Richter Cast

  18. Photo of Faina Shevchenko

    Faina Shevchenko Cast

  19. Photo of Eduard Tisse

    Eduard Tisse Cinematography

  20. Photo of Mikhail Glinka

    Mikhail Glinka Music

  21. Photo of Vladimir Shcherbachov

    Vladimir Shcherbachov Music

  22. Photo of Vissarion Shebalin

    Vissarion Shebalin Music

  23. Photo of Aleksei Utkin

    Aleksei Utkin Production Design

  24. Photo of Olga Kruchinina

    Olga Kruchinina Costume Design