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  1. Photo of Marcos DeBrito

    Marcos DeBrito Director, Editing, Production Design, Executive Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of José Said De Brito

    José Said De Brito Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Adriano Lírio

    Adriano Lírio Executive Producer, Producer

  4. Photo of Leonardo Miggiorin

    Leonardo Miggiorin Cast

  5. Photo of Paulo Vespúcio

    Paulo Vespúcio Cast

  6. Photo of Francisco Gaspar

    Francisco Gaspar Cast

  7. Photo of Rafael Raposo

    Rafael Raposo Cast

  8. Photo of Marcela Moura

    Marcela Moura Cast

  9. Photo of Larissa Queiroz

    Larissa Queiroz Cast

  10. Photo of Fernando de Paula

    Fernando de Paula Cast

  11. Photo of Bia Gallo

    Bia Gallo Cast

  12. Photo of Beto Brito

    Beto Brito Cast

  13. Photo of Olivia de Brito

    Olivia de Brito Cast

  14. Photo of Lincoln Shedd

    Lincoln Shedd Cast

  15. Photo of Gio Avelino

    Gio Avelino Cast

  16. Photo of Antonio Candido

    Antonio Candido Cast

  17. Photo of André de Campos Mello

    André de Campos Mello Production Design, Director, Cinematography, Editing, Producer

  18. Photo of Fabio Servullo

    Fabio Servullo Production Design, Sound

  19. Photo of Roger Lima

    Roger Lima Music

  20. Photo of Rafael Benvenuti

    Rafael Benvenuti Sound

  21. Photo of Fernando Lobo

    Fernando Lobo Sound

  22. Photo of Helena Cunha

    Helena Cunha Costume Design

  23. Photo of Adrianna Marianetti

    Adrianna Marianetti Costume Design

  24. Photo of Luana Minei

    Luana Minei Costume Design