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  1. Photo of Damiano Damiani

    Damiano Damiani Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fulvio Gicca Palli

    Fulvio Gicca Palli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Salvatore Laurani

    Salvatore Laurani Screenplay

  4. Photo of Arturo Dominici

    Arturo Dominici Cast

  5. Photo of Michele Gammino

    Michele Gammino Cast

  6. Photo of Adolfo Lastretti

    Adolfo Lastretti Cast

  7. Photo of Nello Pazzafini

    Nello Pazzafini Cast

  8. Photo of Calisto Calisti

    Calisto Calisti Cast

  9. Photo of Wanda Vismara

    Wanda Vismara Cast

  10. Photo of Adele Modica

    Adele Modica Cast

  11. Photo of Dante Cleri

    Dante Cleri Cast

  12. Photo of Roy Bosier

    Roy Bosier Cast

  13. Photo of Giancarlo Badessi

    Giancarlo Badessi Cast

  14. Photo of Filippo De Gara

    Filippo De Gara Cast

  15. Photo of Franco Nero

    Franco Nero Cast

  16. Photo of Martin Balsam

    Martin Balsam Cast

  17. Photo of Maril├╣ Tolo

    Maril├╣ Tolo Cast

  18. Photo of Claudio Gora

    Claudio Gora Cast

  19. Photo of Luciano Catenacci

    Luciano Catenacci Cast

  20. Photo of Giancarlo Prete

    Giancarlo Prete Cast

  21. Photo of Claudio Ragona

    Claudio Ragona Cinematography

  22. Photo of Riz Ortolani

    Riz Ortolani Music

  23. Photo of Mario Montanari

    Mario Montanari Producer

  24. Photo of Bruno Turchetto

    Bruno Turchetto Producer

  25. Photo of Antonio Siciliano

    Antonio Siciliano Editing