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  1. Photo of Frank Marshall

    Frank Marshall Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of John Patrick Shanley

    John Patrick Shanley Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Crichton

    Michael Crichton Novel

  4. Photo of Laura Linney

    Laura Linney Cast

  5. Photo of Dylan Walsh

    Dylan Walsh Cast

  6. Photo of Ernie Hudson

    Ernie Hudson Cast

  7. Photo of Tim Curry

    Tim Curry Cast

  8. Photo of Grant Heslov

    Grant Heslov Cast

  9. Photo of Joe Don Baker

    Joe Don Baker Cast

  10. Photo of Lorene Noh

    Lorene Noh Cast

  11. Photo of Mary Ellen Trainor

    Mary Ellen Trainor Cast

  12. Photo of Misty Rosas

    Misty Rosas Cast

  13. Photo of Stuart Pankin

    Stuart Pankin Cast

  14. Photo of Carolyn Seymour

    Carolyn Seymour Cast

  15. Photo of Romy Rosemont

    Romy Rosemont Cast

  16. Photo of James Karen

    James Karen Cast

  17. Photo of Bill Pugin

    Bill Pugin Cast

  18. Photo of Lawrence T. Wrentz

    Lawrence T. Wrentz Cast

  19. Photo of Robert Almodovar

    Robert Almodovar Cast

  20. Photo of Kathleen Connors

    Kathleen Connors Cast

  21. Photo of Joel Weiss

    Joel Weiss Cast

  22. Photo of John Hawkes

    John Hawkes Cast

  23. Photo of Peter Jason

    Peter Jason Cast

  24. Photo of Jimmy Buffett

    Jimmy Buffett Cast

  25. Photo of James Paradise

    James Paradise Cast

  26. Photo of William John Murphy

    William John Murphy Cast

  27. Photo of Thom Barry

    Thom Barry Cast

  28. Photo of Ayo Adejugbe

    Ayo Adejugbe Cast

  29. Photo of Kevin Grevioux

    Kevin Grevioux Cast

  30. Photo of Karara Muhoro

    Karara Muhoro Cast

  31. Photo of Allen Daviau

    Allen Daviau Cinematography

  32. Photo of Jerry Goldsmith

    Jerry Goldsmith Music

  33. Photo of J. Michael Riva

    J. Michael Riva Production Design

  34. Photo of Kathleen Kennedy

    Kathleen Kennedy Producer

  35. Photo of Sam Mercer

    Sam Mercer Producer

  36. Photo of Frank Yablans

    Frank Yablans Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Anne V. Coates

    Anne V. Coates Editing