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  1. Photo of Michael Glawogger

    Michael Glawogger Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Erich Lackner

    Erich Lackner Producer

  3. Photo of Marianna Rowinska

    Marianna Rowinska Producer

  4. Photo of Nicolas Steil

    Nicolas Steil Producer

  5. Photo of Peter Wirthensohn

    Peter Wirthensohn Producer

  6. Photo of Ursula Wolschlager

    Ursula Wolschlager Producer

  7. Photo of Attila Boa

    Attila Boa Cinematography

  8. Photo of Wolfgang Thaler

    Wolfgang Thaler Cinematography

  9. Photo of Michael Ostrowski

    Michael Ostrowski Cast and Screenplay

  10. Photo of Raimund Wallisch

    Raimund Wallisch Cast

  11. Photo of Detlev Buck

    Detlev Buck Cast

  12. Photo of Georg Friedrich

    Georg Friedrich Cast

  13. Photo of Pia Hierzegger

    Pia Hierzegger Cast

  14. Photo of Hilde Dalik

    Hilde Dalik Cast

  15. Photo of Alina Pölzl

    Alina Pölzl Cast

  16. Photo of Helmut Köpping

    Helmut Köpping Cast

  17. Photo of Victor Varnado

    Victor Varnado Cast

  18. Photo of Jeremy Strong

    Jeremy Strong Cast

  19. Photo of Monika Willi

    Monika Willi Editing

  20. Photo of Andreas Donhauser

    Andreas Donhauser Production Design

  21. Photo of Renate Martin

    Renate Martin Production Design