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  1. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film Contempt

    4.5 Incredibly hard film to watch, despite it's artfulness, it feels true

  2. Benjamin Reid's rating of the film Contempt

    The back and forth between the two leads is typical of the fights between other Godard couples minus any humour or pathos. The Greek locale, long takes, and beautiful use of Panovision are amazing, but the thin story and highly unlikable characters ruins this movie. The film seemed to even lack intellectual weight. Ulysses might not have got on with his wife Penelope. Big whoop. Fritz Lang's role was cute though.

  3. Dav I.D.'s rating of the film Contempt

    This was good enough, but...I just don't think Godard is for me.

  4. Arina Livadari's rating of the film Contempt

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  10. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Contempt

    Like 'Breathless', forces you to keep the company of assholes, but assholes who have been trapped within the mise-en-abyss of the "psychological novel" rather than given the illusion of running free within the [cinematic] city. This is more claustrophobic and probably less humane... but I think it's fundamentally more honest to Godard's method. I don't need Godard to pretend that he likes people. He's no humanist.

  11. Aaron C Jones's rating of the film Contempt

    Just beautiful from start to finish; from the cinematography to the amazing score. Godard flashes his trademark penchant for casual misogny.

  12. cineholic's rating of the film Contempt

    5/10. I wanted to love it. Certainly, CONTEMPT is a very smart film. It draws from The Odyssey, finding parallels in the dissolution of a contemporary marriage, all the while deconstructing filmmaking both literally (hello, Fritz Lang) and formally (the dramatic piece of music that loops throughout the film). Despite all this, I was left feeling distant and indifferent. I wish I cared more about the marriage at stake

  13. G.'s rating of the film Contempt

    Just anotha day of God. showing he's capable of doing whatever the f**k he wants -- as per yoozh.

  14. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Contempt

    Tiresome and overrated, the best thing about it is the Villa Malaparte, which deserves credit as cinematographer. I keep trying with Godard, but so far I would trade 100 of him for 1 Varda, Fellini, or Antonioni. Or 200 for Tarkovsky. The heart and brain are the same thing: there is no abstraction worth anything that isn’t integrated with intuition and feeling.

  15. Walker's rating of the film Contempt

  16. David R Williams's rating of the film Contempt

    Both a study of the disintegration of a relationship and a venomous attack on the mainstream (hollywood?) film industry.

  17. Josh the Bookseller's rating of the film Contempt

    3.5. Maybe part of it's that I'm no Francophile. I loved parts of 'Contempt', was annoyed by others; adored the cinematography, colors, acting, meta-ness, while I was ambivalent toward the characters & whatever it was Godard was really looking to do on a macro level. This guy just hasn't landed with me yet, but I intend to keep watching his films, trying to meet him halfway, waiting.

  18. SpacePirate's rating of the film Contempt

    Great Godard. Bardot and Piccoli work so well together and Lang is awesome as the grand fatherly figure of cinema who takes over most scenes he is in. Beautiful photography, amazingly serene soundtrack score, really not to be missed. There isnt much to say that hasnt been said better by others. Just watch and enjoy. 4.5 stars

  19. gabi gabi gabi's rating of the film Contempt

    A new favorite. Although reviews consider this film to be a failure on the part of Godard, the issues raised are still important and universal.

  20. mpho3's rating of the film Contempt

    "I've noticed the more we doubt, the more we cling to a false lucidity, in hope of rationalizing what feelings have made murky."- Camille. "Many ... have interpreted Contempt as a parallel to The Odyssey, with Piccoli as Odysseus, Bardot as Penelope and Palance as Poseidon, but it is just as tempting to see the[m] as ... Godard, Anna Karina, and the producer as a cross between Levine and Ponti." - Roger Ebert. 3.5

  21. Haley's rating of the film Contempt

    "Contempt" was mysterious, alluring, and old-fashioned.A 1963 French drama film by Jean-Luc Godard.Overall, I enjoyed the film as well as the movie critics.The movie was filmed in and occurs entirely in Italy.That being said,the imagery was my favorite part about the movie.Scenes shot on Capri Island at the Casa Malaparte were beautiful and refreshing.The impressive film quality came as a shock,considering the year.

  22. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Contempt

    My favorite "film within a film". A beautiful art movie that has a surprising role for director Fritz Lang (as himself) and a super hot Birgitte Bardot in various degree of undressed. Jack Palance also deliver one of his best appearances of his life too and the ending gives a punch in the gut.

  23. Vassilis Tsitsopoulos's rating of the film Contempt

    It is a brilliant film, I will agree. But what's up with the obsession with Bardot's bare bottom? How many shots of her nude behind do we actually need to "get it"? The Odyssey, Fritz Lang, and Bardot's buttocks... hmmm...

  24. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Contempt

    One of the most accessible of Godard's films. The strength of the film is when it is dealing with the making of a movie. The weakness of the film is the relationship between the wife and the screenwriter. The story limps along and ultimately is a bit interesting. Godard can be hard to relate to and his use of sound is always really bad. But his experimentation is admirable if not enjoyable.

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