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  1. Luiza Tavares's rating of the film Contracted

    parece que produziram esse filme única e exclusivamente com o intuito de me proporcionar extrema agonia

  2. Zineu Simionato's rating of the film Contracted

    It had the potential of being a great gore/body horror movie, but it's just a complete mess

  3. choke's rating of the film Contracted

    Literally nothing 'feminist' about this. A girl gets horrifically punished for something that wasn't her fault and yet the director in the plot summary and in the film suggests it is. The body horror was great and everything else was terrible.

  4. La Schiff's rating of the film Contracted

  5. Íris Jordão's rating of the film Contracted

    Interesting and cool body changes. In the end her actions became too random and ruined what could be a very good movie.

  6. Evan Schafer's rating of the film Contracted

    While it certainly has a few pitfalls along the way, I don't think that Contracted was completely lacking in artistic or conceptual merit. While I do stand in agreement with the others about the abrupt ending, there definitely is something interesting about the fact that we never find out what actually happens to Samantha. This is the kind of deranged and twisted that actually feels good once in a while. See it.

  7. Diego Ravazzolo's rating of the film Contracted

  8. Jim Cee's rating of the film Contracted

    Horrifyingly patient build-up to an ending that didn't happen.

  9. joana mesquita's rating of the film Contracted

    This was horrible. And I feel sick...

  10. bencor's rating of the film Contracted

    Justly juxtaposed to Éric Falardeau’s 4 star effort, Thanatomorphose: which the mubi "DATABASE" is devoid of

  11. Justerodeusintherain's rating of the film Contracted

    This was horrible. feel really sick now. The ending was shit and the second half of the film just began to become really fast and ridiculous when it actually had potential to be something much more disturbing and brilliant. I know it was done on budget but still. Definitely makes you sure to always use protection. erghh

  12. João R's rating of the film Contracted

    Apart from the obvious things, there is something seriously wrong with these characters and their attitudes; particularly, in the second half of this movie. Plus, it (almost) seemed that the story was rushed in order to achieve that ending that, honestly, was horrendous.

  13. dana danger's rating of the film Contracted

    The more I think about it, the more frustratingly disappointed I am with this film. There's a lot of the elements of a pretty great, feminist body horror here, but they're all left dangling in favor of a cliched religious mom and lesbian intrigue. The final scene is a complete non-ending, when it could have been something powerful, and disgusting.

  14. Lucky Luciano's rating of the film Contracted

    Despite the fact that main character is drugged and apparently raped, most reviewers and the director called it a one-night-stand, with England's intent being to make her look as unfuckable as possible. With a few different touches, this film could have worked well as a subtle castigation of the slut-shaming and vilification of rape victims, instead it comes out as raging misogyny.